Learn To Trade Forex Professionally

Learn to trade forex professionally

Learn to trade forex professionally

Learn Forex Trading – Become A Professional Forex Trader

Learn How To Trade Forex Professionally Using Price Action, Technical Analysis & A Winning Mindset


  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate traders
  • A computer/laptop
  • No prior trading knowledge needed

A brief Introduction by Chris Capre & Sascha Gogolin, sharing their backgrounds and what you’ll learn in this course.

An introduction to the basic features of the FX market, the advantages of trading the FX market vs.

other markets and a summary of the different trading sessions.

In this video we give a thorough introduction to forex pairs, base vs.

Professional Forex Trading Course Lesson 1 By Adam Khoo

quote currency, majors/minor/exotic pairs, spread vs. ask and we explain what the terms swap and carry stands for.

This lesson will give you an introduction as to what to look out for when choosing a broker, how to use a charting and trading platform + teach you the basics about different order types that are available for FX traders.

In this lesson we’re talking about the different styles of trading which you can use to find the way of trading that suits your current situation and lifestyle best.

A lesson that goes through different chart types and takes a deep dive into candlestick charts and how candlesticks are formed.

A very important lesson that in details talks about charting time frames, how they work together and what is the most common and basic error retail traders do when they start out.

Learn to trade forex professionally

Understanding the concept we teach in this lesson can help to save you a lot time, headache and frustration in your first months or year of trading.

In this video we go through the basics of technical analysis such as trends, ranges, swing points, how to find and relate to strong key areas of support and resistance and more.

In this practice we want you to identify key zones of support and resistance on a Daily chart of USDSGD, using the method covered in lecture #8.

In this practice we want you to identify key zones of support and resistance on a 1-hour chart of USDJPY, using the method covered in lecture #8.

This lesson in detail explains how order flows in the market are created, which in turn is what forms the price action we as price action traders are looking to trade.

In this lecture we teach you a very powerful model that allows you to quickly and easily identify strong order flow imbalances in the market which helps you to locate high probability trading opportunities.

In this practice we want you to correctly identify impulsive and corrective moves on a 1-hour chart of the USDJPY.

In this practice we want you to correctly identify impulsive and corrective moves on a 4-hour chart of the USDJPY.

Sharing two live trade examples on WTI & USDCAD which were taken during live market conditions using the price action models covered in earlier lessons.

Another live trade example, this time on the EURUSD using impulsive & corrective price action.

A live trade example on the FTSE100 using the price action models taught in this course.

Trading is a skill based endeavor and in this lesson, we cover why building strong trading skills is critical to achieve success in trading and we also talk about how to do this effectively.

Proper risk management is key to successful and professional trading.

In this lecture, we go through risk vs.

Learn to trade forex professionally

reward ratios, max risk parameters, risk of ruin and why a % equity risk model is far superior compared to a fixed $ risk model.

Without consistency in your mind, there can be no consistency in your trading, a topic that is covered and discussed thoroughly in this lesson.

As an extension to the prior lesson, this lecture covers which mindset skills are required for successful trading and how to train these skills.

In this video we talk about the options that are available for you if you want to dive even deeper into reading and trading order flow and price action once you’ve mastered the basic skills of trading and price action.

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Learn Forex Trading – Become A Professional Forex Trader


What you’ll learn

  • How to read any chart using only Price Action

  • Forex Trading Sessions

  • Forex Pairs/Crosses

  • Forex Brokers + Charting Platforms

  • Chart Types

  • Trading Time Frames

  • Price Action & Technical Analysis

  • Styles Of Trading

  • How To Effectively Build Strong Trading Skills

  • Risk & Money Management

  • Live Trade Examples

  • Mindset & Trading Psychology


In this free Forex trading course, you will learn the basics about trading Forex from a professional Forex Trader.

It will give you a proper foundation for trading the Forex market using price action, technical analysis, risk management and trading psychology to make money trading, from anywhere in the world, with only a laptop and internet connection.

This free Forex trading course is suitable for beginning and intermediate traders to learn step by step on how to become a better Forex trader.

After completing this course, you will have a solid foundation and set of skills to trade the Forex market on any time frame, any Forex pair and any environment to find profitable high probability trading signals.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning traders wanting to learn how to trade the Forex market
  • Intermediate traders wanting to trade using price action strategies
  • Traders wanting to learn the mindset skills required to make money trading