Wow Bfa Research Options Best

Wow bfa research options best

Wow bfa research options best

While only few weeks left for the release of Battle for Azeroth, players already started to consider about most profitable professions in new expansion.

So, in this page you can find detail reviews of all professions and learn what is waiting you in BFA.

Note: This list made by personal beliefs and written with gathering some sources of data.

Gathering or Crafting Professions in Battle for Azeroth?

Let’s begin with the list and see the expected most profitable professions in the beginning of new expansion.



  1. Herbalism
  2. Mining
  3. Skinning

The list was exactly the same in Legion because herbalism is actually way more versatile as a profession than mining and skinning.

Herbalists will have seven different herbs but there are three different ores in mining and three different types of skinning products in BFA.

Also these gathering professions synergize obviously really well with other professions.

Wow bfa research options best

Herbalism synergizes supremely well with alchemy and inscription, Mining synergizes with jewelcrafting and blacksmithing and Skinning synergizes with leatherworking.



  1. Inscription
  2. Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Alchemy
  3. Cooking, Tailoring
  4. Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Engineering

There are a lot of different items people care about in Inscription.

These are glyphs, vantus runes, contracts that give you more reputation, raid buff scrolls and darkmoon cards. Darkmoon cards were actually the best gold making method in Legion because it was like bis gear for some tank classes.

Enchanting, Jewelcrafing and Alchemy are also good quality choices no matter what the expansion is because potions, elixirs, flasks they are always needed which made by Alchemists.

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Then we have enchanting pretty much the exact same thing with alchemy. There is no expansion where people would not need enchants.

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Then we have jewelcrafting once again same thing, stat gems which always go for a fair price in Auction House. Also this profession synergizes with mining and making good profit by only purchase and prospecting ores.


Cooking; One of the most profitable professions in BFA?


Cooking might be a fair surprise to some people but the thing is cooking is not a primary profession and usually it’s overlooked.

I believe that’s why it’s still a valid method for making gold.

Wow bfa research options best

The cooking products sell for like 20-30 gold each and people just don’t care about them. If you craft like 2000 cooking products in a day and get minimum 10 gold from each, that means 20k gold every single day.

There is a new bag that has 32 slots and that is obviously gonna be worth gold in Tailoring. There are also some other products that I don’t think really supreme gold making opportunities because the only real opportunity I see in Tailoring is bags.

About the Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Engineering professions; I feel like crafted gears are fairly different in BFA and not nearly as strong as it was in Legion.

Wow bfa research options best

That’s why these three professions are at the bottom. Only reasonable things that come out of these professions are mounts.

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Engineers have Mecha-Mogul Mk2 which is a pretty good-looking mount but every engineer will try to make and sell mount, so I feel like the market is gonna have a lot of competition for that.

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