Wolf Among Us Snow White Best Dialogue Options

Wolf among us snow white best dialogue options

The Wolf Among Us is a 2013 episodic graphic adventure video game based on Bill Willingham'sFables comic book series.

Bigby Wolf[edit]

  • I thought we were all supposed to have a fresh start here.

    I can't change the past.

  • You think my job is easy? You try keeping a bunch of Fables from killing each other. How do you think this all works?

    By being big and being bad.

  • What is it with you cops always trying to empathize with people? "I know this must be hard for you." Do you? Do you fucking know? Have you had a friend killed and their head left at your fucking doorstep? No?

    The Wolf Among Us Ending - Episode 5 - Good Choices

    Didn't think so.

Mr. Toad[edit]

The Woodsman[edit]

  • I saved Little Red Riding Hood from this monster... I cut this fucker open... And filled his belly full of... stones! AND THREW HIM IN THE FUCKING RIVER—!

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    That's who the fuck I am, YOU STUPID BITCH!

  • Everyone knows you. Big Bad Wolf. Now I'm the bad guy and you're Sheriff.

    What kinda fuckin' world is that, huh?


  • These lips are sealed.
  • [to Bigby] You're not as bad as everyone says you are.
  • [to Bigby] I'll see you around... Wolf.

Snow White[edit]

  • Seeing all this today... There are Fables that are struggling worse than I'd imagined.

    We pay so much attention to the residents of The Woodlands... you forget there's a whole community out there to serve.

  • I can take care of myself. I've been doing it for centuries.
  • We've made some mistakes. I've made some mistakes. But believe me, I truly want what's best for this town.

    And that may not always be clear... right away. But I want you all to know that I care deeply about all of you. And so does the sheriff. I can't promise perfection. No one can.

    But I can promise to always have your best interests at heart. The Crooked Man's been exploiting you. Exploiting your hope for a better life. You would go to him for help... and he would take that weakness and add it to his strength.

    And if things didn't fall exactly his way, someone would die. You're all still afraid of him, even now. But you needn't be. His contamination of this town is over... and those girls will have their justice.

Ichabod Crane[edit]

  • [to Bigby] Do your job, Sheriff...or we'll find someone who can.
  • Our stories used to be so simple. We had a beginning, a middle, and an end. But ever since we've moved to this awful city...

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    everything's gotten so confused.

  • You think... you have what it takes... to run that office? You think I didn't make sacrifices? I've made sacrifices. And you won't be in that chair one minute before you have to give up something you care about just so the wheels don't fall off the goddamn wagon! I did the best I could with what I had. And the town took everything it could out of me. If I maybe took a little something back in return... then so be it. I have no regrets.


  • Come on, just tell me what I want to know, it will make things a lot less painful for you...in theory.
  • Look, this is how a smart person would do it, so this is how we're going to do it.
  • It isn't Bigby's fault.

    He can't control his nature, and frankly I wouldn't dare ask him to try. Just as a scorpion stings, the wolf must bite. But with a sheriff so... impulsive...

    Not a free member yet?

    shouldn't the new Deputy Mayor have at least some command over her office? Are either of them fit to run this town?


  • They used to call me the Little Mermaid...once upon a time.
  • [to the Crooked Man] You enslaved us for years, let us hear stories about what you’d do…told us we would lose everything if we stepped just one toe out of line! And we couldn’t say a word about it because of these damn ribbons! But you know what?

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    Now it’s my turn to talk.

Bloody Mary[edit]

  • [to Bigby about Crane] Look, it's recently come under our attention that you're, how shall I put this? Attempting to claim what is the personal property of the Crooked Man. He's about yae high, a hundred and twenty-odd pounds, pissed his sheets until he was 14.

    Sound familiar?

  • Some of them, they think it's funny to have their little sleepovers and go into their little bathrooms and say my name five times in the mirror.

    Wolf among us snow white best dialogue options

    They find it less funny when I actually show up and feed their lungs to the family dog. Arf!

  • Out with the old. In with the new. Long live the Queen.
  • Didn't your mother ever teach you any manners?

    Or was she too busy fucking whatever breeze drifted through town?

  • [to Bigby] I've heard stories about you.

    Wolf among us snow white best dialogue options

    In the old days; how you picked off those men one by one. Oh, how they screamed. "The wolf is coming." And they would wait... hiding anywhere they could squeeze their pathetic shivering corpses. Some would just drop to their knees where they stood, close their eyes... And wait for death. And you'd give it to them. I wish I could have seen it...

    Wolf among us snow white best dialogue options

    Oh well.

Crooked Man[edit]

  • Everybody in Fabletown has a role to fill. You just have to pay attention to what they need to help them find it.
  • Why don't you have a seat, sheriff?

    We've a great deal to discuss...

  • This is what I'm talking about. We lashed our ropes to this diseased world... and ever since, which one of us has been there for you?

    Who filled your lives with the promise of more? Who was there while they idly played in their towers...

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    judging you, treating you as mindless children too stupid to command your own destiny. Without me, who will pay your rent when you're on the verge of eviction? Who will dare challenge their brutality when it leaks to our dear citizens? Who will protect you... from the Big Bad Wolf?

Jersey Devil[edit]

  • I think while tempers are runnin' high, we should keep 'demands' to a minimum.
  • Hey Jack, did you know that as of this very morning, Bigby's joined the Crooked Man's obedience school for wayward fucking creatures?

    He's already passed his first class.

    Wolf among us snow white best dialogue options

    You see...the sheriff had who he stupidly thought was the murderer, been chasing him for fuckin' days, right? But the Crooked Man snapped his bony fingers and Bigby handed him over just...like...that.

  • Aww, protecting your friend...

    too bad you couldn't protect those whores! Go on, try to stop me!

  • You can't find the Crooked Man. No one can. There's no address, no place... he lives in the bends and forks of tree roots... behind the sun... in the... shadows.
  • Would this face lie to you?
  • Gossip flies fast. We're like a sewing circle.
  • I'm tryin' to make a point, dog.

    You can have all the information you fuckin' want. It's not gonna help you when the time comes.

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    And that time... it's a comin'.

  • Hey...Sheriff. Those girls are still dead... and there's nothin' you can do to bring them back.

    And I don't know what they did, but I do know this... If they're dead, it's 'cause the Crooked Man wanted them dead. That's all it takes. So you can roar, smash the place up. Shit, you can wail on me all you want, but what good is it gonna do ya?

    'Cause he ain't in your town. You're in his. And he sure as shit is ready for you.

Other Characters[edit]

Colin: Life is easier with friends, Bigby, and we live a long fuckin' time.
Grendel: [to Bigby] Where were you when we reported this weeks ago, huh?

Where are you when we ever fucking need you?! If you'd given one ounce of a shit about her, about any of us, she might've been saved!

She might have been loved! She might've been cared for!

Aunty Greenleaf: You think I like being the old woman in these stories? The men are heroes, the ladies are whores... and the old hags like me get to watch everyone they love die.
Beast: You know what they say; Centuries of marriage comes with centuries of baggage.
Jack Horner: [about Jersey] He's probably out getting shit-faced and eating cows right now.
Tiny Tim: A lot of us depend on him.

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Some of us never get to the front of the line at the Business Office. But he's there.

Vivian: I'm sick of everybody thinking that they can just — do what they want with my life. I thought it would be different here. But it's all the fucking same.


Faith [1.01][edit]

Woodsman: You broke my jaw, you bastard!
Bigby Wolf: And still you talk.
Woodsman: Fuck you...

Grendel: What are you, blind?

What, you don't see there's a line? I've been standin' here a half hour already. You get to just walk in?

The Wolf Among Us

Must be nice, being the Sheriff... Do whatever the fuck you like.

Bigby Wolf: I work here.
Grendel: [sarcastically] And what great work you do, Sheriff.
Bigby Wolf: [deadpan] Hmm...

that didn't feel very genuine.

Grendel: Fucker.

Bigby Wolf: What's this?
Bufkin: It says, "Bricklebit" in an old Elvish hand.
Bigby Wolf: What's Bricklebit?
Bufkin: A magic word.
Bigby Wolf: What's it do?
Bufkin: Makes animals shit gold.

Bigby Wolf: Anyone ever tell you you got a big fuckin' mouth?
Grendel: Oh, it gets bigger.

Smoke and Mirrors [1.02][edit]

Bigby Wolf: I want answers, Dee!
Tweedle-Dee: Oh, goodie.

I thought you wanted questions, and I was having so much trouble thinking of any good ones. Though I've settled on..."How's your head?"

Georgie Porgie: Lot of fucked up people in Fabletown.
Bigby Wolf: Like who?
Georgie Porgie: Try looking in a mirror.

Beauty: You're a better detective than I thought you'd be.
Bigby Wolf: ...Thanks?

A Crooked Mile [1.03][edit]

Bigby Wolf: Snow, could you handle this?

I never know what to say to these people.

Snow White: You mean children?

Bigby Wolf: You have legs.

Which choices make for the most interesting story?

That a glamour?

Nerissa: No, they're real. Do you like them? They cost me a lot.

In Sheep's Clothing [1.04][edit]

The Woodsman: Jersey was wrong, you know.
Bigby Wolf: About what?
The Woodsman: About those girls.

There is somethin' you can do about it. You can get the fucker who did it. Ain't that the plan?

Bigby Wolf: Yeah, you're damn right it is.
The Woodsman: Alright.

Well, go do it then.

Bigby Wolf: Hey, Woody.
The Woodsman: Yeah?
Bigby Wolf: You gonna be alright?
The Woodsman: [walking away] You know me.

Cry Wolf [1.05][edit]

Bigby wolf: [if Bigby choose to leave the witching well after if he killed The Crooked Man] you know what?!

FUCK THIS! We've been through hell trying to keep you all safe! trying to make you all fucking happy! [he picks up the Crooked man and carries him over to witching well, with a enraged looking on his face] but, ALL YOU DO IS COMPLAIN!! so FUCK THIS!!!! [he angrily throws him down the witching well and walks off]

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