Which Option Is Best For Football Betting Marketing

Which option is best for football betting marketing

Which option is best for football betting marketing

The Best Football Betting Sites of 2020

As the most popular sport in the UK, it comes as little surprise to find out that football is also the most bet upon. With this in mind, we’ve gone to great lengths to bring you the best betting sites for football the internet has to offer so you can get involved in the action. Bet types, odds levels, markets – not just the Premier League!

– are all important factors to be covered when looking at football.

The best bowl betting options outside College Football Playoff

Through endless research and testing we’ve uncovered the best 5 betting sites and listed them below. Without further ado, our favourite football bookies of 2020 are as follows.

The Top 5 Football Betting Sites

The Best for FootballBetwayTotal Rating: 5/5

Welcome BonusUp to£30Bet Now!.

Strengths:Over 30,000 betting optionsFantastic odds levels offered

Additional Features:Intuitive platform and lots of ongoing football promotions

With all the essential criteria considered you’ll be able to select a specialist bookmaker or see which betting site is the best all-rounder for betting on football.

Below are more in-depth pages on other aspects of football betting which will answer any question or curiosity you have about wagering on the sport.

Everything Else About Football Betting You Need to Know

How Do I Know Which Football Betting Site Is Right for Me?

Whether it’s Premier League betting, La Liga betting or just generally searching for a good all-rounder, there is a general list of criteria than can help us to rank different betting sites and find one to fit your needs.

So, what makes a site good and how can we determine the top football betting sites? The chapters below will cover the most important criteria when selecting an online bookmaker from our UK betting sites list for football.

How to develop your betting strategies

Always Check Different Operators to Find the Best Football Odds?

One thing that will interest all potential punters is how good the odds are at each bookie.

Below we’ve compiled the 5 best football betting sites with the best football odds for popular leagues and tournaments.

So whether you’re interested in Premier League Betting, betting on the Championship or on other European leagues, you’ll find the required information right here.

Betting SitePremier LeagueChampionshipChampions LeagueLa LigaBundesliga
LV BET95.36%93.60%94.18%94.10%93.90%

The quality of the odds is a hugely important factor for success when betting on the sport.

So much so, that we’ve detailed how competitive the bookmakers’ odds are elsewhere on the site. You can also learn about how to work out the bookmaker’s margin for yourself on the go.

Online football betting generally has much better odds than what you’ll find in a betting shop, which is just another advantage of betting on football online.

The Advantages of Live Football Betting

Don’t Just Limit Yourself to Premier League Betting – Search for the Widest Market Selections

Premier League betting is the most popular market in the UK but there is also a whole world of opportunities outside of this. Of course, there are the UK based competitions.

The Championship, League 1 and League 2 see a substantial amount of online action every week. Most of the bookies we’ve featured will also offer lower leagues from the UK, along with the major cup competitions, like the FA and EFL Cup.

After the boom of online gambling in the mid-2000s, football events from all over the world became available to be bet upon. Of course, there are Europe’s other major leagues, such as La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga, as well as the lower divisions from these countries.

A reality check

But most operators nowadays offer fixtures from all across the world, from the Americas to Australia, from professional to amateur and often even youth leagues. The level of coverage really is insane and means there are usually football bets available 24 hours a day. Check out our football highlights and events page for a rundown of the best opportunities.

The football leagues: the most important tournaments are just a click away!

An Assortment of Different Football Bet Types Is Crucial

One of the best things about online football betting is the range of bet types that are available.

There are literally hundreds, which keeps things interesting and means there are many different ways to turn a profit. We’ve detailed all the major football bet types, along with many others, so check out our run down of all the major football bet types for how and when to use them.

Double Chance Football Betting Strategy

Does the Operator Offer In-Play Betting & Live Streaming?

Football betting has been revolutionised by the introduction of live or in-play betting. Most of the best betting sites have live-streams for football matches, often from across the world.

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This enables punters to watch the games in almost real time to get a better idea of what the likely outcomes are. This can help to give a strong idea which bets are more likely to come in. Being able to bet on an event while it’s taking place also opened up many new bet types.

Live Football Betting Strategies

New bet types, like who will win the next throw in or which team will get a yellow card next, have brought a whole new dimension to footie wagers.

How Does Live-Streaming Football With the Betting Sites Look?

  • Great variety & high quality streams
  • The most football streams of any betting site

The advantages are numerous and the differences from standard football wagers even more so.

We’ve covered how in-play betting works in great detail on this website and you can also check out our football betting strategy guide for some key approaches to live betting.

Do Sponsorships Play a Part?

Meet the man who beat the bookies – and the banks. But the odds are against you

Shirt sponsorships in football have been around a long time and have only gotten bigger. Increasingly though, we are seeing betting sites sponsor football teams. The big example is probably bwin as the shirt sponsor of Real Madrid and AC Milan. But Betway are also the official sponsor of West Ham United.

Which option is best for football betting marketing

But it doesn’t stop at just being shirt sponsors. Almost all Premier League teams have a bookmaker as an official betting partner. This does not necessarily translate to advantages for punters but sometimes a bookie will offer special bets or enhanced odds for bets relating to their betting partner team. Sponsorships and partnerships have also given bookies the ability to advertise during televised football matches.

Which option is best for football betting marketing

All this shows just how far wagering on the sport – and sports betting and bookmakers in general – have come in terms of being seen as legitimate in the public eye. Sponsorship and partnerships are a great marketing tool for the bookmakers, but they wouldn’t be possible without the change in attitude towards them from the general public.

The Best Bonuses & Promotions

As though betting on football wasn’t fun enough, the best football sites go one step further, with a number of specific football promotions available. Exactly what the promotion is differs between the different operators.

Best Football Betting Sites Reviewed & Compared

There are a few that are common among most of the online bookmakers however.

Accumulator bonuses are one type of football promotion that most online bookies have available in one form or another. This promotion gives winning accumulators a percentage winning bonus based on the number of selections in the accumulator.

The percentage bonus relevant to each number of selections changes from bookie to bookie, but some operators offer up to a 100% bonus on accumulators of around 12 selections.

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  • 4 means more
  • accumulator insurance
  • bet boost

EssaIBASLicensed by: Government of Gibraltar

bet365Bet Now!

The other popular promotion type is a money back as a free bet offer. These promotions offer insurance through getting your money back as a free bet, should the bet lose.

They are mostly associated with games that end 0-0 or with goal scorer bets. There are many more football promotions available which you can learn more about on our report on which bookmakers have the best promotions.

The Biggest and Best Winning Football Bets

We all know about Leicester’s miraculous Premier League winning season last year.

The Best Bonuses & Promotions

What you perhaps didn’t know however, is that the 5000/1 odds at the start of the season made Leicester the longest long shot single bet to win in the history of sport. Before this, the longest winning odds were 2500/1, which were offered on Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards winning the ski-jumping gold during the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Leicester’s winning campaign is thought to have cost the bookies around £25 million.

Official Gambling Commission Statistics

According to official statistics from the UK Gambling Commission, last year football betting accounted for nearly a third (30.5%) of remote gross gambling yield in the UK.

Which option is best for football betting marketing

This makes it by far the most popular sport for gambling fans, ahead of the other popular sports such as horse racing, tennis and golf.

The Football Pools

Legal betting on football started 93 years ago with the introduction of football pools betting.

The popularity of pools betting grew immensely over most of the 20th century until it started to decline towards the end of the century. While betting on football has changed considerably over this time, almost half a million people still play the pools each weekend.

5000/1 Leicester City FC Hold the Record

After Leicester City’s incredible Premiership winning 2015/16 campaign, the bookies faced their biggest ever loss on a single sport market, with a combined £25 million paid out between the operators.

Leicester were also the longest single winner in history at 5000/1.

There have been some even bigger wins in football betting history through accumulators or multiple bets however. Earlier this year, one lucky William Hill customer saw a £1 16-fold accumulator turn into £181,570,50. Some crazy bet types have also brought people some huge profits.

Five best football betting strategies

In 2006 one punter correctly predicted that Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso would score a goal from inside his own half that season. Placing £200 at odds of 125-1 saw him scoop a cool £25,000 when the midfielder actually scored from inside his own half midway through the season.

Who Is 2020‘s Best Football Betting Site?

What makes a great football betting site is in many ways subjective to the needs and requirements of each punter. But as we have set out on this page, there are a number of criteria that we can assess to help us determine which are the best betting sites for football online.

From our research on this site, we’re sure you’ll be able to pick one of the bookmakers from this page who will serve all your requirements. Our recommendation for a great all round football betting site is undoubtedly Betway where you’ll find tons of markets, bet types and promotions to keep any football fan happy.

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If you have any questions about football betting, or anything else contained on this site, please feel free to email at [email protected]

How Can I Avoid Being Scammed When Betting?

Spotting potential scams is a vital skill that all online users should have, whether betting on sports or simply browsing. With online bookmakers, it’s important to look out for a few key signs that will help to identify their legitimacy.

Firstly, check for the logo of the UK Gambling Commission on the bookmaker’s homepage. Logos from other companies will also reinforce the bookie’s reputation, such as from their computer security company of choice and a sports betting transparency company, such as the International Betting Adjudication Service.

Also look out for the PayPal logo. Of course, there are general things you should make sure to do. Keep your password safe and always check for the lock symbol in the browser when you are entering private information, such as when depositing funds at an online bookmaker.