Where Are Options Traded In Canada

Where are options traded in canada

First, your question contains a couple of false premises:

  1. Options in the U.S.

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    do not trade on the NYSE, which is a stock exchange. You must have been looking at a listing from an options exchange.

    There are a handful of options exchanges in the U.S., and while two of these have "NYSE" in the name, referring to "NYSE" by itself still refers to the stock exchange.

  2. Companies typically don't decide themselves whether options will trade for their stock.

    Where are options traded in canada

    The exchange and other market participants (market makers) decide whether to create a market for them.

  3. The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is also a stock exchange. It doesn't list any options.

    Where are options traded in canada

    If you want to see Canadian-listed options on equities, you're looking in the wrong place.

Next, yes, RY does have listed options in Canada. Here are some.

Where are options traded in canada

Did you know about the Montreal Exchange (MX)? The MX is part of the TMX Group, which owns both the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the Montreal Exchange.

You'll find lots of Canadian equity and index options trading at the MX.

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If you have an options trading account with a decent Canadian broker, you should have access to trade options at the MX.

Finally, even considering the existence of the MX, you'll still find that a lot of Canadian companies don't have any options listed.

Simply: smaller and/or less liquid stocks don't have enough demand for options, so the options exchange & market makers don't offer any. It isn't cost-effective for them to create a market where there will be very few participants.

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Where are options traded in canada

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Where are options traded in canada