What Are The Best Bed Storage Options

What are the best bed storage options

This post is all about dorm room storage ideas.

Fitting all your belongings in an 8 x 12 dorm room can prove to be difficult but knowing the best dorm room storage ideas can almost make you forget the small space you are living in.

With all the dorm room storage options available, it can be hard to decide which ones will actually be beneficial.

These storage options will inspire you to take that boring cinderblock room and turn it into a Pinterest/organizers dream.

This post shows you 20 of the best dorm room storage ideas available for college students.

These over-the-bed storage units are a great way to use wall space as storage.

DECKED Truck Bed Organizer and Storage System - ABTL Auto Extras

In most cases, the wall above the bed is left empty so having this shelf makes good use of the space.

On top of using the wall space smartly, it gives you a place to put your phone and/or computer while you're sleeping.

This dorm storage idea comes in many different prices. Depending on the style you want, you can get them cheaper or more expense.

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Here are the two most popular options:

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Having a night stand next to your bed is the perfect place to store little products that you don't know where else to put.

The night stand in the picture above is so cute but we also love rolling carts.

A lot of students will use these carts as makeshift night stands.

Others will use it to organize their makeup.

What are the best bed storage options

Here are the most popular uses for these carts:

  • Nightstand
  • Makeup Organization
  • "Side Table" by futon for remotes, tissues, food, etc.

Due to the large amount of colors these carts come in, you are able to match it to your room design.

These carts are something you will use throughout all four years of school.


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Desk Drawer Organization

Having a drawer that is organized to hold all your school supplies (or makeup) will make you feel so much more put together. 

Dorm room desks have most likely been used for years and they can end up pretty disgusting.

By lining the drawers with scrapbook paper and filling them with desk organizer containers, you're desk will become the most organized on campus.

When getting containers for your desk, make sure to think about pencils, chargers, tape, and anything else you might want to store in there. 

My favorite drawer organizers are this 6-pack from Amazon that is less than $15.


What are the best bed storage options

Under-The-Bed Organizer

Plastic storage drawers are an extremely popular organization method in college and can often be found under the bed. It basically gives you another dresser without spending hundreds of dollars.

Many students will place their food or personal items in the drawers.

Add more space to your home with this often unused space

I personally used these drawers to store my food and it worked out great.

You can find these storage drawers on Amazon for $22.24.

These space saving hangers are a must for college students and allows you to fit so many more clothes in such a small space.

Most dorm rooms have a small amount of hanging space available so it's important to get creative.

These hangers are available for just $12 dollars and will allow you to get triple the amount of clothes in the closet that you usually would.

How smart is this?

This not only gives you storage space for your fridge, but also gives you a place to put your microwave.

Something to think about if you decide to purchase this: Make sure you dorm room has enough space (height and width) to fit this dorm storage item. 

If you can get this into your room it will be the perfect makeshift kitchen!

Can you believe how beautiful these girls made their dorm desk look?

The Container Store offers these cute shelves that make for the perfect dorm storage ideas. 

If you want the real deal, be ready to shell out almost $350.

Trunks are just as cute as they are functional and can be a great place to store blankets, sweatshirts, and really anything else that you don't quite have room for. 

Most people put the trunks on the end of their bed, but I have also see them used as "coffee tables".

You can purchase one of these trunks from Amazon.

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Ottomans are one of the most popular storage options because they are very functional.

Most people store their shoes in their ottoman and then use it to help them get onto their bed.

It is also often seen where two ottomans are used in front of the futons as a place to rest your feet.

Can't figure out how you are going to organize your jewelry in your dorm? 

This over the door mirror AND jewelry organizer is the best of all worlds.

This can be a little extravagant for a dorm room, but if you have a lot of jewelry it may be worth it. 

You can purchase a similar mirror with storage from Amazon.

Did you know these even existed? 

These are perfect for college students to be able to put their phone next to their bed when they're sleeping since most of the time they don't have nightstands.

This is especially useful if you are in the top bunk.

You can purchase these sheets in many different colors for $26.98.


What are the best bed storage options

Over-The-Fridge Organizer

Over-the-Fridge Organizer

Not only is this fridge organizer extremely cheap (you can order this from Target for $7 dollars), but it also gives you the perfect place to store your kitchen belongings.

At college, you really don't need to have too many kitchen supplies since most of the eating will be done in the cafeteria.

However, having the few essentials is a must and it sometimes can be hard to find a place to put those. 

This dorm room storage idea gives you the perfect place to put those items.

Dorm rooms are extremely small and making everything fit can be tough but these 12 dorm room storage ideas showed you the best ways to store your belongings.

These dorm room storage ideas are guaranteed to make you more organized and give all your belongings a space in your dorm room.

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