Vanguard 529 Investment Options

Vanguard 529 investment options

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About your initial investment

The $3,000 minimum* initial investment for The Vanguard 529 Plan—the same minimum required to open almost any Vanguard account—gives you a solid start toward your college savings.

Because larger accounts like these are less costly for Vanguard to administer:

  • We can pass the administrative cost savings on to you in the form of lower investment costs.
  • Lower costs can result in more money working for your child.

If you prefer to start with a lower amount:

You could consider the College Savings Iowa 529 Plan.

The Iowa Plan has a $25 initial minimum and offers many of the same low-cost Vanguard investments, although you won't be able to consolidate a College Savings Iowa account with any Vanguard accounts you may own.

*The minimum initial investment for the plan is $3,000. The account minimum for Nevada residents is $1,000.

Vanguard 529 investment options