Upm Best Practices Indexing Options Windows 10

Upm best practices indexing options windows 10

I have XenApp 7.6 VDA onto 2012 R2 servers, with Office 365 setup with SCA configured. Up to version 16.0.7571.2075 everything works well on our platform as users have an option of using an OST, which is on network storage, or they can run in online mode.

However, since this version all subsequent versions have a broken search functionality.

If running in cached mode, with Windows Search not installed / disabled (as per Citrix best practices) then when performing an instant search you get 75 results.

Upm best practices indexing options windows 10

If you change the scope to Subfolders or "all items" then the search takes along time however you do get all the correct results.

I have played around with syncing 3 moths, 6 months and all data however you remain to only return 75 results. This issues remains even after you untick "improve search speed by limiting the number f results shown".

I have also reproduced this issue outside of Citrix just by running Outlook in cached mode then disabled the search service or removing "Outlook" from the index.

Upm best practices indexing options windows 10

If you downgrade back to 16.0.7571.2075 everything works well again and you get all your results.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with Office 365 releases after December 2016? Anyone got instant search working on a newer release of Office with the search service disabled?

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