Transamerica Landmark Annuity Investment Options

Transamerica landmark annuity investment options

Before replacing an annuity, review the current policy for loss of benefits or surrender charges you may incur.

Transamerica landmark annuity investment options

Some of the fees you are paying in your current annuity could be for benefits other annuities do not provide. When considering a 1035 exchange, the replacement annuity is potentially subject to additional fees including a new surrender schedule.

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Guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Annuities on the RetireOne platform include low-cost, commission-free products that don't charge surrender penalties.

They feature low-cost underlying investment options from fund families like Vanguard and DFA with expense ratios as low as .03%, and average portfolio expenses ranging from 0.63% to 1.02%.

Transamerica landmark annuity investment options

M&E fees in these annuities range from 0.20% to .50%, which represents a cost savings relative to traditional products that charge an average 1.32% in M&E fees (source: Morningstar 12/18).

No-load insurance and annuities do not pay the traditionally high commissions for the sale of these products. Other fees and expenses including subaccount fees, M&E charges, administrative fees, optional rider fees, surrender charges, and other insurance-related fees may apply.

We recommend that you consult with a tax professional when considering annuities or other investments.

RetireOne is paid a nominal administration and service fee by insurers to support the platform through which these products are offered to advisors and their clients.

Transamerica landmark annuity investment options