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December 15th, 2012, 10:02   #12
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Originally Posted by VW/Porsche Fahrer
My 2012 TDI Sport has 18" Goodyears and they are wearing well.

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I have about 17,500 miles on them and they look like they should go past 40K miles. I do drive mostelly on the highway.

Do you have a Lux or Exec with 19" or 20" wheels?

It could be the tire/wheel/size combo on your vehicle.

Upshot Options: 1.

Touareg best which options site

oem tires 19 in 2. 18 in oem tire wheel combinations for traveling, fuel savings, better wear 3.

Lowered Touareg.

wheel and tire combinations for winter tires

I am starting to strongly suspect what you say in paragraph #2 is probably true. Upshot: the 19 in and 20 in tire sizes (in all probability) wear FAR FASTER than the 18 in tire size.

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Be that as it may, (my) the 2012 VW T TDI Sport approaches 17,000 miles on the 18 in GY LS2's tires . I just did a measurement and they are at app 9/32nds in. I did not measure the tread depth for the (my) 18 in oem GY LS2's when brand new.

Touareg best which options site

I am led to believe (technical data on tire rack and others) they started off @ 10/32 nds in.

SIDE BAR: So IF and WHEN there is any information to the contrary, please correct and/or post.

Swag and defacto, the wear/consumption is app 17,000 miles per 1/32nds in of tread/rubber.

Touareg best which options site

They were rotated by and @ the dealer of purchase @ 12,000 miles. I adjusted the TP from the oem owners manual recommendation of 33/38 psi to the oem owners manual "fuel saving" recommendation of 3 psi more or 36/41 psi.

These tires are NOT particularly well rated on

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side bar and off topic: this is not unlike the (my) tread wear/consumption rates of 2 other VW TDI's OEM tires: 2003 /2009, both @ app 14,500 miles per 1/32nd in)

The information really drops off once you get away from any of the oem tires !

(1. Pirelli Scorpion Verde A/S 2.

Touareg best which options site

GY LS2 3. Continental LX, etc.) The information FURTHER drops off when you differential between sizes 18 in, 19 in, 20 in.

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The additional issues are not many folks let alone VW T folks post the wear per 1/32nds, nor even care, other than to say they suck to they are great to I am getting poor,adequate, great wear, etc. Chances are that any VW T TDI owner that has tried other than oem tires has an outlier opinion.

Touareg best which options site

It is probably useful to post (FYI) there are 7,535 units, 2011 and 9,145, YTD (NOV) 2012 units. Probably the data slimmer is app 25% of those populations are TDI's (4,170 TDI units !! ) To me anyway, the breakdown of 18 in 19 in and 20 in rim and tire combinations are unknown.

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Since the average American driver posts between 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year, VW T TDI data is sparse, let alone put into any semblance of systematic wear patterns.

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