Ser Ruth Best Option

Ser ruth best option

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Sit in Judgment

Sit in Judgment is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Someone being held in Skyhold awaits judgment.

Acquisition Edit

Once the Inquisitor has gained Skyhold, they must leave once and return in order to trigger this quest.

Ser ruth best option

After the first prisoner is judged, the quest triggers every time a new prisoner is captured.

Walkthrough Edit

The judgment options, approval changes, and outcomes are outlined below for each prisoner the Inquisitor may capture.

Sit on the throne in the main hall to begin a judgment.

Ser ruth best option

Some options require certain Inquisition perks to be active, and some options are only available if certain criteria is met.

Main quest judgments Edit

These judgments become available through completing portions of the main quest line.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Judgment of Ser Ruth (all options)

The specific quest is noted in the description of each judgment:

Magister Gereon AlexiusEdit

Captured as part of the In Hushed Whispers quest.

Judged for his crimes of apostasy, attempted enslavement, and attempted assassination (of the Inquisitor).

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Knight-Captain DenamEdit

Captured as part of the main questChampions of the Just.

Judged for his crimes of willfully corrupting his fellow Templars with Red Lyrium, betraying the Order, (and murdering the Knight-Vigilant if it was discovered).

Ser ruth best option

Judgment options Approval changes Results
(Only available if the locked door to his quarters was opened, and the Knight-Vigilant's body was discovered)
Approves - Solas, Iron Bull, Sera and Cole
Slightly approves - Cassandra
Imprisonment Slightly approves - Solas, Iron Bull and Varric
Given to the Templars to be punished Approves - Iron Bull and Cole
Slightly approves - Cassandra, Varric, Solas, Blackwall, Sera and Vivienne
Exiled to the Sea of Ash
(Requires History Knowledge Inquisition perk)
Approves - Cassandra and Iron Bull
Slightly approves - Solas, Blackwall, Sera and Cole
(Only available if the locked door to his quarters was NOT opened)
Approves - Blackwall
Disapproves - Solas, Cassandra, Cole and Varric
Slightly disapproves - Sera

Grand Duchess Florianne de ChalonsEdit

Captured as part of the main questWicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts quest.

Judged for crimes against Orlais and Empress Celene. (Her judgment will happen regardless if Celene remains as Empress, or if Gaspard takes over and rules as Emperor.

It will also happen regardless if Briala rules with them, or if they rule alone.)

If Florianne livesEdit

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