Second Best Option Damage

Second best option damage

Second best option damage

I have a heart and it's quite broken.
I read your words as if they were spoken.

You'll always love her for the rest of your life,
But she didn't want you; she was another man's wife.

Second best option damage

She used you and left you a shell of a man.
I picked you up and gave you all that I can.

I give you my all, and it's never enough.
Reading the memoirs you write for her are extremely tough.

I hate a woman I've never even met.
She took the best of you, and left you a wreck.

To her, you were merely an escape and a fling.
The day she abandoned you, then you felt her sting.

But why spend so many years trying to turn back time?

multifandom - second best

I've got the punishment for another woman's crime.

I hate myself for being second best.
I should have left you alone and searched like the rest.

But for you I felt pity, I saw a person to heal.
But my emotions are wasted, you don't care how I feel. 

I should feel loved, wanted and desired.

Instead I feel lonely, weary and tired.

A few words of wisdom to my younger self,
It's better to be left up on the shelf.

Second best option damage

Don't put up with less than you deserve.
You should always be a priority, never a reserve.

Second best option damage