Samsung Syncmaster P2370hd Best Option

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Awesome HDTV Monitor!

Pros: Very crisp picture. High performance in playing games. Multiple ports allow for a number of connection options.

Cons: Even though there are a lot of port options, there is only one selection of each. Summary: As smaller HDTVs go you could do a lot worse than the Samsung SyncMaster P2370HD.

It is an LCD screen that goes up to 1080p, the colors are nice and crisp, it performs extremely well when playing games on your PS3 or Xbox 360, the black levels are deep, and the TV itself is quite versitle. It has a good weight and the asthetics exude quality in the manufacturing.

Samsung SyncMaster P2370HD 23" 1080P Monitor Unboxing and Review

A really nice feature is the energy saving options for those looking to save on their monthly electricity bills. Everything you need in an HDTV is right here. As far as value is concerned, it's a steal at around a $300 price point.

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Some places, like Costco, may even offer a further discount which makes this an even better buy. For the money it's an excellent value, especially for someone looking to get into HD gaming. The TVs lack of a pivot isn't too much of a concern as the TVs stand is well suited for easy movement.

Other TVs out there might be lighter or thinner but are likely to cost about $200 more and will only offer comparable performance. While it's true that the SyncMaster P2370HD doesn't offer the bright blue glow in the TV stand, this is not a big deal because such a thing might become a distraction especially when watching a scary movie or playing a game in the dark.

While such a feature is offered on some other Samsung models it's not present here and it really isn't something to miss. The only drawback for this model TV would be the lack of multipe ports. While it includes every port imaginable (HDMI, Component, RCA AV, DVI-D, PC, Coax Ant), it doesn't offer multiples of any.

This problem can be solved with the addition of a multi-port switch box but it still would have been nice to have at least a second HDMI and Component port. Still, it's hard to complain about such a fantastic TV that is offered at such a fair price.

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While the TV only offers a 60Mhz refresh rate, it's not something likely to be noticed due to the TVs more compact size. Such a thing only becomes noticeable with larger TVs. The Samsung SyncMaster P2370HD is an excellent deal and is a great option for gaming and watching DVDs or BluRays in a dorm room or bedroom.

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It also doubles as an excellent PC monitor. For the money, it's hard to go wrong with such a buy.

This one is highly recommended.Read full review