Prediction Software For Binary Options

Prediction software for binary options

of ALR v10.2

One Click Buy/Sell Buttons

'Initial Take Profit' setting for fast money grab

Lot size Protection to stop incurring costs at high hedges

Reach For the Money’ - Set and Forget.

2016 LIVE Binary Trading Options Prediction Software Results

ALR will get your $$ and close or activate Trailing Stop

Accurate Trade Direction Detection trading trigger

AutoTrading functions: New Alerts, Indicators/Signal and Triggers

Max Hedges Efficient Close

Trading Times Selector - for trading ony at best times of day

Auto News Reader with Trade Protection - accurate News and Announcement protection

'Panic Button' to protect and save your trades from unexpected Market events’

Hedging Reduction System to stop hedging so as to meet your fund size

Never Reach Maximum Margin System - hedging limiter and hedge replacement

Which Hedge to stop trailing stop activation

Unnecessary Hedge Trades Contol System to protect from 'Noisy' and Ranging Markets

BreakEven ‘magic numbers multipliers’  for ultra low margin use

Stealth mode to hide all trade levels/positions from Brokers

Trailing Stops - Activated by reaching your Money target or Pips level

Bank Money and Close Trades and/or trigger Trailing Stop

‘Market Move’ Alert and Trade Trigger - to open a trade ONLY when there is sudden good Market movment

Direction Change Alert Trade Trigger to open and/or close a trade using the NoLagMA Trend Line colour change

Ability to run multiple trades on one chart (e.g.

do the BUY/SELL Strategy on ONE Chart!); no need to use two charts or change magic numbers anymore.

No need to add the Spread onto the TP/SL calculations as autospread is built in and added on if/when needed

Unlimited charts can be opened in MT4 due to new coding of the Grey Prediction Wave (v3.0) and ADR (v2.0)

23 new Templates to cover all types of trading and with good default settings to work 'Straight out the box'.

New Non-Repainting Alert added to identify/show the 'Best Trade Entry Point' to enable you to place trades manually when the Market is changing direction.

Just load the template and take the trade (..if Alert is following the Grey Wave...)

AutoTrade using new Trade Alert Triggers.

Prediction software for binary options

The ALR can Open and Close Trades automatically using New Triggers/Alerts - without hedging: such as NoLagMA Colour change, MarketMove Alert