Performance Options Best Assassins Creed Odyssey Reddit

Performance options best assassins creed odyssey reddit

Speed up your performance in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey with these simple tips.


PC games lately have been pretty good about optimization, and if you’ve got a good rig, you shouldn’t have too many problems running Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey — but there are still some issues that you just might need to address. Especially if you’re running on Windows 10.

The biggest issue some players have experienced is caused by a Windows 10 feature called “Fullscreen Optimization” — and this problem likely effects all the games in your Steam library.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Optimization, How to Fix Ubisoft’s Mess

This feature is meant to improve performance on games that are played in Windowed Borderless mode. If you don’t play with Windowed Borderless on, or just don’t want to bother with this feature, disabling it can earn you some serious FPS gains.

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And you won’t even notice when playing in-game.

There are a few more tricks to help stabilize your FPS, or even improve it, in the full guide below.

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PC Performance Guide | FPS Stuttering Fix

FPS Stuttering is a common problem for all PC players on Windows.

The issue is often related to a buggy Windows 10 feature called “Fullscreen Optimization” — disabling it should make your copy of the game run much better.

  • How To Disable Fullscreen Optimization
    • Find your ACOddysey.exe in the main installation directory.
    • Right-click ACOddysey.exe and select Properties.
    • Go to the Compatibility Tab.
    • Check “Disable Fullscreen Optimizations” to disable this feature.

Press “OK” and exit the window.

Test my PC

You should now get better performance from your video card on the same settings. Many players are even getting better performance on higher settings — even if your copy is running well, disabling this feature just makes the game run better.

  • NOTE: Disabling this feature will still help your performance, even if you’re not running the game on Borderless.


Performance options best assassins creed odyssey reddit

Windows 10 uses “Fullscreen Optimization” to improve performance, but this feature is only compatible with a very small selection of games.

For most games, it has the opposite effect — it slows down performance.

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This is a feature found on lots and lots of PC games, so don’t forget to disable it if you’re running Windows 10.

More Tips To Improve FPS

If your framerate isn’t ideal, there are a few features you might want to disable or lower in the video settings.

These will make the game look less crisp, but they should help your performance.

  • To Improve FPS:
    • Lower Cloud Effect settings first. It’s barely noticeable, and gives a good quick FPS boost.
    • Lower the quality of anti-aliasing, shadows, volumetric effects, or ambient occlusion.

      Performance options best assassins creed odyssey reddit

      Experiment, and see which settings you like the most.

    • As a last ditch effort, you can lower the resolution, or texture quality.

Cloud Effects seems to strongly effect FPS, and lowering them barely changes the appearance of the game. If you’re going to try to lower one of the settings, start with that one.


Performance options best assassins creed odyssey reddit