Mine Wealth Super Investment Options

Mine wealth super investment options

Portfolio management tools

Buy, sell and track your super and non-super investments in one central, online place.

Mine wealth super investment options

Manage your savings, deposits and/or super contributions, set up an income and/or pension plan, get notified of important account activities and use more sophisticated features like dollar cost averaging and reinvestment plans.

Performance reports

Monitor the performance of your portfolio online, look at your portfolio asset allocation, find out what is causing your account balance to change over time and set investment goals via our comprehensive suite of reports.

Investment research tools

Access a library of resources from our research partners to help you better research, manage and understand your investments.

These resources include a daily finance and economic newsletter, access to ASX data, charting and watchlists, the latest analysis of selected US securities and research from Morningstar on over 300 managed funds.

Mobile access

Interact with your super and investments anywhere. You can even view your portfolio, performance reports, daily economic and business news, access your annual statements and more on your mobile.

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