Legal Super Investment Options

Legal super investment options

Legal super investment options

Which investment option is right for you?

This depends mainly on your investment time frame (i.e. how long you have until retirement) and your appetite for risk.

Investments that carry a higher risk (such as shares or property) generally provide a higher return over the long term, whereas investments like cash or term deposits provide more stable but lower returns.

Investment options are either single sector, such as an Australian share fund, or diversified (which combine several different sectors), such as the Suncorp Balanced Portfolio.

Suncorp super investment options

All of Suncorp’s diversified funds are managed by expert international investment managers Morningstar.

How do you change investment options?

Being in the wrong investment option for your age and risk tolerance could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars or more.

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So, becoming aware of your options and choosing where your money is invested now, could make a big difference to your future.

Before making a choice, you should consider the possible return and risk of the investment options and how long you plan to keep them.

You should also consult your financial adviser to help you decide what investment strategy is right for you.

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You can change options online in your secure account.

To see the full Suncorp Brighter Super investment menu, see the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and Product Guide or to learn more about investing with Suncorp Everyday Super, see the Product Disclosure Statement, Product Guide or investment page.