Investment Options Rest Super

Investment options rest super

Investment objective

Medium term (5 years) CPI + 3.0%
Long term (10 years) CPI + 3.5%

Aims to optimise long-term returns while investing in companies that demonstrate best practice sustainability performance within their industry sector, relative to their peers.

Its high allocation to shares means there is likely to be significant year-to-year variation in returns. It may be more suitable for an investor with a higher tolerance to investment risk.

How to buy Property in Super

Although we expect long-term returns similar to Core Pool, it may not outperform other pools, even in the long term..

Type of investor this option may suit



Invests in companies with superior environmental, social and governance performance as assessed by our managers.

Eco Pool has investment exclusions concerning uranium, fossil fuels, tobacco and controversial weapons..

Investment options rest super

Property investments are screened to ensure they meet appropriate environmental requirements. Currently, the private equity investments are in cleantech.

Probable number of negative annual returns over 20 years

4 to less than 6

Suggested minimum investment timeframe

7 to 10 years

Investment options rest super