Hesta Direct Investment Option

Hesta direct investment option

Hesta direct investment option

Investment objective

Over the long term, to earn a return (after-tax for TTR) after investment fees and indirect costs, equivalent to or higher than the retun (net of tax## for TTR) from the combination of:

  • 95.0% S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index (adjusted for tax credits)
  • 5.0% Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index

Australian Shares aims to produce long-term returns primarily from capital gains, but carries the risk of negative returns quite frequently.

Type of investor this option may suit

This option may suit an investor seeking to create their own diversified portfolio, who would like to include Australian shares.


Australian Shares option is invested primarily in listed Australian shares.

It may at times hold a small percentage of its assets in shares of companies not listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

CBUS - for all of us

It may include managers who also short sell shares.

Probable number of negative annual returns over 20 years

4 to less than 6

Suggested minimum investment timeframe

7 to 10 years

## Estimated tax rate provided by independent investment consultant.