Fx Pro Binary Options

Fx pro binary options

  • Provider list: Manage providers that you accept to copy from.

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    You can add, remove, edit and enable/disable accounts by your own purpose. Your account only receives from accounts that are enabled in this list.

  • Transmission data: Choose how data will be sent/received.

    Fx pro binary options

    It can be either “Trade” (receiver’s account trades follow the provider’s) or “Alert” (receiver’s account only receives signal alert). Provider’s choice is priority: If provider choose “Trade”, then receiver can receive trade or signal due to his choice; If provider choose “Alert”, then receiver can only receive signal despite of his choice.

  • Max.

    Fx pro binary options

    slippage: Maximum accepted slippage to copy trades. Price might be different between brokers, so if the current price of the receiver’s account exceed max.

    Fx pro binary options

    slippage distance compared to entry price of provider’s account, the trade will not be copied. This is useful to prevent unwanted slippage of copied trades, specially during high volatility (news releases).

  • Open trade timeout: Maximum waiting time that trades can be still copied from provider to receiver.

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    If this trade timeout is exceeded from provider’s trade open time, trade will not be copied, this only works with Instant/Market orders. This is useful to prevent copying outdated trades if receiver’s account/terminal is shutdown for a while.

    For example: Trade timeout is 60 seconds means if receiver’s is disconnected while provider open a Buy/Sell order, then receiver’s terminal connect again within 60s and order will be copied, but if it’s later than 60s the order will be ignored.

  • Set volume by: Choose how the trade volume on receiver’s account will be set.

    Fx pro binary options

    There are 4 options:

    • Fixed lotsize: Every trades on receiver’s account will be set with a fixed lotsize regardless of provider’s lotsize or receiver’s balance.

    • Same scale as provider: Lotsize will be same scaled as Provider’s base on their balance. Example: Provider trades 0.5 lot with 1000$ -> Receiver with 2000$ will trade 1.0 lot.

      This is recommended option because it make receiver’s account has the same growth/risk rate as provider’s.

    • Multiply by provider’s lotsize: Lotsize will be multiply by a factor with Provider’s lotsize. Only use this option if you know the lotsize setting manner of the provider, otherwise you may suffer whipsaw by over lotsize.

    • Ratio with receiver’s balance: Lotsize will be scaled with receiver’s balance.

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      Example: Lotsize is 1 lot if balance is 1000$, then lotsize will be 1.5 lot when balance is 1500$.

  • Max. volume: Maximum allowed volume to open trade.

    Fx pro binary options

    This will prevent your account from open unanticipated over lotsize that may lead to unwanted drawdown.

  • Order filter: Select which types of orders will be copied. This filter is for both provider and receiver, but provider’s choice is priority. There are multi-options:

    • CALL orders: CALL orders will be copied.

    • PUT orders: PUT orders will be copied.

    • Custom pair: Only copy trade of custom pair (combine with order types above).

    • Inverted copy: All filtered trades will be inverted when come to/from receiver/provider: CALL<–>PUT.

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