Denial Of Perm Best Options

Denial of perm best options

Denial of perm best options

Thanks Amerikanus and worried dude.

I know I cannot decide before getting the denial notice in mail. But I want to see the options I have.

I have 1 year 2 months for H1B expiry.

Denial of perm best options

I heard that I can extend H1B beyond 6 years only if have filed a Labor 365 days before or I have an approved I-140.

My 140 is denied and if I apply for an appeal, it would most probably (with current processing time) take more than a year.

So, as I see in many threads, everyone is suggesting to file another Labor for which I have only 2 more months.

(correct me if I am wrong)

So, If I file a labor now (assuming it gets approved within 3 months or so), then for applying for new 140, I heard that I need to withdraw my appeal for old 140 denial.

Then in that case, what is the use of appeal. Do I need to realy go for this appeal?

The reason I am asking these questions is, my company is very small consulting company and I pay for all these expenses.


PERM Labor Certification Overview

appeal, new H1B, new labor, 140, attorney fees, etc,....

Can you guys tell me how much its gonna cost for appeal ( including attorney fees).

Thanks for the help.