Binary Options Signal Telegram

Binary options signal telegram

First of all, as you have read in the text about trades with fixed expiry, you can easily recheck such trades with any third party service.

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That’s very important.
The second.
When we send a signal, you do not need to react fast and enter the trade as fast as possible! You have a lot of time to think and analyse the market! We send you the minimum price to make a trade from, the direction and the expiry time, but you can enter the market when you want!

With the ‘after’ signals, you must react fast and make a trade as fast as you can.

Binary options signal telegram

But even in that way, the results are not guaranteed. In ‘after’ signals both entry time, the entry price is important!

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The signals service and you will definitely have different results! They have entered the trade earlier than you and will close the trade earlier than you.

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They will win – you will lose.
In the signals with fixed expiry, the main thing is the price, not the entry time. You can open a trade 2 minutes later or 4 minutes later.

Binary options signal telegram

Both you and signals service can have the same results.
More of that! You can wait for a better price and win when we lost!
In 80% of signals that is real and possible!

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In other words, you can have much better results than we publish!

Third. Why do we use fixed expiry on the end of 15-minutes and 1 hour? The trades with fewer periods are riskier due to market fluctuations.

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We actually recommend starting from 1-hour signals. You have much more time to think and analyse the market!

Binary options signal telegram

Trades with fixed expiry on the end of the current 15-minutes candle is the fastest/safest!