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Monaco Treasure Scam Review – TOTAL JUNK!


Monaco Treasure software is a relatively new scam to hit the public, and it has caused people everywhere unimaginable trouble.

Alfred Malone is the total crook that advertises Monaco Treasure scam software as being the best binary options trading tool on the market today. He claims that it can make thousands of dollars in profit per day, that all trades are guaranteed winners, and that there is absolutely no risk to the trader.

If you are thinking that this is way too good to be true, you are totally right.

Binary Options Scam

We have never seen such a horrible automated trading program, one that makes so many bold promises, yet fails to deliver on even a single one of them. There is no doubt in our minds that Monaco Treasure scam software is nothing more than another scheme meant to drain your trading account before you know what hit you.

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This is the Monaco Treasure scam review and you need to read what we have to say before making any further investment decisions.

Monaco Treasure Scam – Alfred Malone

The first clear indication that we received about Monaco Treasure software being a total rip off is that the man who is supposedly behind it all, is not at all who he says he is. During the presentation video we are shown a picture of some random older gentleman, which is combined with a voice over narration.

This by itself is already more than enough to tell us that these folks are not genuine in the least. If the voice matched the face, they would have no reason to not just show the guy.

Binary option hidden treasure

Moreover, you can rest assured the Mr. Alfred Malone is just a paid voice narrator reading a script.

We found the stock photo used in the Monaco Treasure presentation video on several image databases and it has already been used for a variety of scams and sales pitches.

Binary option hidden treasure

There is no way that the guy in the picture, or they man’s voice we here, belongs to an Alfred Malone. Heck, we couldn’t find a single search result about this guy, that is except for the ones related to this scam. If you ever needed a sign not to invest in something like Monaco Treasure scam software, this would undoubtedly be it.

Monaco Treasure Scam Software Uses A Scam Broker

Perhaps one of the most disturbing aspects about Monaco Treasure software is the fact that it certainly uses a scam broker.

Binary option hidden treasure

A reliable broker is an extremely important part of the equation, because he is the person who handles your trading account and technically makes your investments. There are many scam brokers out there, ones located in unregulated and unlawful countries.

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This gives them the ability to steal your money right out from under your nose and there is no legal recourse that you can take to get it back. This is the exact kind of broker used by Monaco Treasure.

They actually use a broker called 23Traders, which is totally unlicensed and not legally allowed to work anywhere in the world.

If you invest money with Monaco Treasure you can rest assured that the shifty brokers will do nothing more than steal your money as soon as they get the chance.

Binary option hidden treasure

In fact, this is one of the complaints we have received about Monaco Treasure, that people’s trading accounts had simply been emptied without any notice or cause.

So, the bottom line is that you need to stay away from this bogus app because your money is better off being used to burn in your fireplace to heat your home.

How Is Monaco Treasure Software Supposed To Work?

The really funny thing is that even though Monaco Treasure scam software makes so many big promises, they don’t even bother telling us how the software works or what it does.

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Whenever we are expected to invest money in any trading program, we want to know all of the details about its inner workings. This includes things like what algorithms are in place, what trading methods are followed, what startegies are in place, what indicators and oscillators are used, plus a whole lot more.

However, the extent of the explanation that we are given for Monaco Treasure software is “it makes trades, it does them fast, and it does them well”. Doesn’t that almost sound like Mr.

Trump threatening another nation?

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RIDICULOUS! Anyway, now, that may not be an exact quote, but it is almost more informative than the whole Monaco Treasure presentation video. The point is that nobody tells us how Monaco Treasure software works, and that is more than enough to scare us away for good.

Monaco Treasure Scam Software – Profits?

To even imply that this ultra crappy program could ever generate a profit is as ludicrous as saying that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s command of the English language is impeccable.

Based on everything that you have been told, do you really think that this crapshoot of a BO trading system could be profitable in the least?

The promise of being able to generate thousands of dollars per day would be unfounded even if this were a legitimate trading solution.

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The fact of the matter is that even the best of the best trading programs out there can only achieve profits of around $800 per day, not several thousand. To think that you could sit at home and click some buttons on your computer to become a millionaire is just stupid.

Monaco Treasure Scam Review Conclusion

There is no way that we could ever be convinced to blow our money with this ridiculous venture.

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We would honestly rather take our chances with that new Titanic ship that they are now recreating. Monaco Treasure is a terrible program and there is no doubt about it.

If you do want to engage in binary options trading and want to do so with a good program, you will want to check out Epix Trader.

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This is an awesome new program that has been tested by our team of experts, is shown to be reliable, and will definitely help you make a good profit too.


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Binary option hidden treasure

Remember that you are not alone, with us you will always be safe!

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