Best Witcher 3 Ps4 Settings Options

Best witcher 3 ps4 settings options

Best witcher 3 ps4 settings options


Here we will cover both the basic and recommended system requirements as well as the current version of the game at the time of this videos upload.

System Requirements

  1. Operating System: 64-bit Windows 7 or later 64-bit versions of Windows
  2. CPU:
    Minimum (vanilla game) Requirement: Intel i5 2500k 3.3 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 940
    Recommended (for heavy modders): Intel i7 3770 3.4 GHz or AMD FX 8350 4 GHz
  3. System RAM:
    Minimum (vanilla game) Requirement: 6GB
    Recommended (for heavy modders): 16GB
  4. GPU:
    Minimum (vanilla game) Requirement: Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD HD 7870
    Recommended (for heavy modders): Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 or higher
  5. Disk Space:
    Minimum Requirement: 50GB of free HDD space.
    Ideal: Dedicated SSD 50GB & 100GB of free HDD space for mod archive storage.

Game Versions

This tutorial requires a legit and up-to-date version of Witcher 3 version 1.31(A) Outdated or stolen copies are not guaranteed to work properly, if at all, when modding your game later on.

To see what version of the game you have navigate to: or on the game´s GOG Galaxy entry.


Option 1

Open GOG Galaxy.

Navigate to your Library. Click Install. Chose the location where you want to install the game.

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(I havent done this in a long time. Should be pretty straight forward though)

Option 2 (for those who already own Witcher 3 via Steam)

Open Steam.

Navigate to your LIBRARY. Right click Witcher 3. Select Install. Choose location for install.

Option 3 (for those yet to purchase Witcher 3)

1a. Go to .


Search for Witcher 3 using the magnifier icon at the top right. GamerPoets recommends to get the Game of the Year version of the game, which includes both expansion DLCs. Select Add to Cart. Select Check out now. Sign in if you aren’t already. Complete the purchase.


Go to Search for Witcher 3. GamerPoets recommends to get the Game of the Year version of the game, which includes both expansion DLCs. Enter your birthdate to continue:.

Select, Add to Cart. Select, Purchase for myself. Sign in if you aren’t already. Complete the purchase.

2a. If the install window does not automatically open after your purchase, open Gog Galaxy.

Go to your LIBRARY. Select Witcher 3.

Best witcher 3 ps4 settings options

Select, Install Game. At the Install window Choose location for install:. Select a location outside of the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders. (not needed imo) Select NEXT>.


If you receive a Terms window select I AGREE. After installation begins select FINISH.


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If the install window does not automatically open after your purchase, open the Steam application. Go to your LIBRARY. Right-click Witcher 3. Select, Install Game. At the Install window Choose location for install:.

Select a location outside of the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders. Select NEXT>. If you receive a Terms window select I AGREE. After installation begins select FINISH.

Option 4 (installation from disc)

The benefit to having the game disc is that installation will be faster than downloading the game from Steam or GOG Galaxy.

Although you have the game on disc you will still need to login to Steam or GOG Galaxy to finish the installation.

1. Insert the first disc into your computer. Push the Windows Key + R to open Run.

Best witcher 3 ps4 settings options

In the Run window type:
<Drive Letter>:\Steam\Steam.exe -install :

Select, OK.

In-Game Settings

The in-game settings will help you to further adjust your visuals, audio, HUD and gameplay.

All settings have their corresponding .ini File settings at the bottom of the screen for your reference.

Any settings that affect visibility or quality will provide a tradeoff with performance.


Master: controls the overall loudness of the entire game, boosting or decreasing all settings within equally.

Music: determines the overall loudness of the game music.

New to Witcher 3? Here's how to optimize your game:

I generally mute the music due to recording for videos where I add my own and edit other sounds manually.

Effects: determines the overall loudness of effects such as rain, battle sounds and more.

Voice: determines the overall loudness of character voices.

I prefer to have this as loud, if not louder, than other sounds to assure that I can hear as much of what NPCs are saying as possible.



Invert camera X-axis (mouse): Inverts the horizontal movement of the mouse cursor on the screen.

Invert camera Y-axis (mouse): Inverts the vertical movement of the mouse cursor on the screen.

Control Scheme

Shows the button layout for controllers like the Microsoft Xbox Controller.

Key Bindings

Let´s you set a different key than the default one for a partical action.


On-Screen Tutorials: Controls if you get little tutorials throughout the game.

Automatic Finishers: Controls whether or not Geralt automatically strikes the final blow on enemies.

Manual Sword drawing/sheathing: Controls if Geralt automatically draws or sheathes his sword when exiting combat or entering settlements.

(how to f*** to you pronounce shea? lol)

Turn off Witcher Senses “fish-eye” effect: Controls if your camera changes to a fish-eye effect when using Geralt´s Witcher Senses.

Movement Response: Changes Geralt´s movement to a way that´s easier for newcommers.

Veterans of the series will want to turn this off.

Automatic Camera Centering: Controls if the camera will turn to its default position after a certain amount of time after leaving combat.

Autosave Interval (Minutes): Controls how often the game saves automatically.

Don´t turn this too low as it will hurt your immersion. Don´t set it too high either to save yourself some time if the game crashes or you need to exit it for some other reason without saving.

Enemy Upscaling: Controls if enemies will have a similar level to Geralt.

Useful when you´re entering the late-game and you´re missing a challenge.

Difficulty Level: Controls the game´s overall difficulty. Stefan of GamerPoets recommends to play at least on the ‘Blood and Broken Bones’ (hard) difficulty.

Gwent Difficulty: Controls the difficulty of the minigame Gwent.



Hud Visibility: Controls whether or not you see a HUD.

Note that all combat-related Hud features will hide after a couple secounds after combat.

Hud Size: Controls the size of the HUD. You can chose between small and large.

Action Log: Controls if the combat log should be on the screen.

Minimap: Controls whether or not you see a minimap on the screen.

Rotate Minimap: Controls if the minimap rotates in accordance to the game´s camera.

Witcher Senses on Minimap: Controls if you see Geralt´s Witcher Senses on the Minimap.

Path to Objectives on Minimap: Controls if you get a dotted line to your quest objective on the Minimap.

Note that the path can sometimes work a bit quirky.

Undiscovered Points Of Interests (POI) in Minimap: Controls if you get question marks that represent a Point Of Interest on the Minimap.

Completed Of Interests (POI) in Minimap: Controls if you get question marks that represent a Point Of Interest that you already visited on the Minimap.

NPC Chatter: Controls if NPC´s unrelevant chatter gets displayed on the screen.

Active Quests: Controls if the game shows the currently selected quest under the minimap.

Display Witcher Medallion and Stat Bars: Controls if you see the Witcher medallion and youe health, experience and toxication bars on the screen.

Display Current Buffs: Controls whether or not you see your current buffs and debuffs on the screen.

These are positive and negative effects on Geralt.

Breath Remaining Bar: Controls if you get a bar that represents Geralt´s remaining breath while diving.

Info Messages: Controls if you see a white text box appear if you use a game mechanic or interface for the firtst time. Thanks to IVDAMKE on the GiantBomb forum for this info.

Control Hints: Controls whether or not the game tells you the button to press for a specific action. (Please reword this.)

Damaged Items: Controls if you get a visual representation of your gear´s condition.

Additional Equipment: Controls if you see your currently selected consumables (food or potions) / special gear on the screen.

Location/Date Display in Cutscenes: Dont know what this does.

Not sure if they mean actual real life time and location or ingame??

Boss Health Bar: Controls if a large Health Bar for boss battles is displayed or not.

Enemy Health Bar: Controls if enemy health bars are on the screen.

Critical Hits and Effects Text: Controls if critical hits are posted in the combat log.

NPC and Herb names: Controls if the names of NPCs or herbs are shown.

Boat Durability: Controls if you get a visual representation of your boat´s condition.

Companion Portrait: No friggin idea.

Sorry m8.

Horse Fear Bar: Controls if your horse´s fear is shown on the screen.

Horse Stamina Bar: Controls if your horse´s stamina is shown on the screen.

Rescale Hud

Let´s you shove the Hud inwards horizontally and vertically.


Motion Blur: Blurs the screen if you move your camera.

GP recommends to turn this off.

Blur: Blurs the image in some combat-related situations. GP recommends to turn this off.

Anti Aliasing: Check the AA section of this tutorial for further information.

Bloom: Turns Bloom on or off. Bloom increases your contrast by making bright lights look brighter.


Sharpening: Sharpenes textures to allow for a more detailed image.

Especially faces take advantage off this.

Best witcher 3 ps4 settings options

GP recommends the low setting which allows for a smoother, calmer image. (please reword this.)



Faces: Off/Low

Faces: low/High

Ambient Occlusion: Choose between Off, SSAO and HBAO+.

Ambient Occlusion adds shadows in places where normal processing doesnt allow for them. SSAO is a noticable step up from off, HBAO+ looks a bit better but costs a lot of performance.

GP recommends using HBAO+ if you have the fps to spare.

On my system it costs me around 5 fps.
The grass and the fence offer great examples of Ambien Occlusion.



Depth of Field: Gives the game a depth effect similar to real life.

The bushes in the background are a good example of this effect.


Chromatic Abberation: Distorts the image when moving fast.

Disable this for a clean looking image.

Vignetting: Adds a black ring add the edges of the display. Test this for yourself if you like it.

Light Shafts: Adds an effect similar to godrays is Skyrim. Sunlights get splitted (in a way) by trees.



Presets: Select a preset that you think is suitable for your system.

Presets range from low to ultra.

V-Sync: Syncs the game´s framerate with your monitors framerate to eliminate visual artifacts called tearing. Will increase input lag.

Don't see PS4 Pro Options in Witcher 3

If you don´t notice these artifacts turn this off. G-Sync and Freesync users may want to consult their monitors manual for this.

Maximum frames per second: Limits the game´s framerate to either 30 or 60 or no limit.

Display: Tells the game to show on your selected monitor. Select Identify in your OS´display settings menu to find out which monitor to use.

Resolution: Select your monitor´s resolution.

Check out the Anti Aliasing section of this tutorial for further information.

Display Mode: Controls if the game should start in windowed, borderless windowed or fullscreen mode. Fullscreen mode slightly increases performance, while borderless windowed allows for faster switching to the desktop.

Preserve System Gamma: Controls if the game should use the OS´ default Gamma value.

Nvidia Hairworks: Controls of the Hairworks effect from Nvidia is used or not.

Best witcher 3 ps4 settings options

Check out the Hairworks section of this guide for further information.

Nvidia Hairworks AA: Controls the AA of the Hairworks effect.

Nvidia Hairworks Preset: Controls the quality of the Hairworks effect.

Number of Background Characters: Controls how many NPCs are shown in the background.

Slight performance impact.

Shadow Quality: Controls the quality and quantity of shadows. Slight performance impact.

Terrain Quality: Controls the terrain´s quality (please reword this)

Water Quality: Controls the water quality including boat bobbing.

Tiny performance impact.

Grass Density: Controls the density of grass. Slight performance impact.

Foliage Visibility Range: Controls the distance at which foliage like trees and grass can be seen. Significant performance impact. GP recommends the high setting.

Detail Level: Controls the amount and quality of decals like spell-marks and blood splatter.

Hardware cursor: The game will use the direct input from your mouse, bypassing any calculations done by your OS like mouse accelaration.


Subtitles: Controls whether or not you get subtitles on screen.

Anti Aliasing

While The Witcher 3 features ingame AA, it doesn´t perform that well and some edges, like Geralt´s medallion and his swords which aren´t covered at all by it.

(reword this). GamerPoets recommends three other methods.

1) FXAA via driver
Go to your video card driver – GeForce Control Panel for Nvidia users and AMD Crimson for AMD users. Select The Witcher 3. Apply FXAA.
FXAA blurrs the image which the ingame setting also does but covers more edges.

It offers noticable but no ground breaking results.

The Witcher 3: Tweak Guide, Best Graphic Settings to Increase Performance - Royal Griffin Boss Fight

Edges still look jagged.

2) Downsampling
Go to your drvier. Nvidia users want to enable all options under DSR – Factors. Also, change DSR – Smoothness to 20% for a cleaner image.

AMD users want to enable VSR in their driver.
Now restart your PC. Once you´re ingame again change the resolution to 2560×1440 or to 3840×2160 for extremely high end systems with a 1080p monitor (Nvidia Gtx 1080Ti or higher).
This method provides the highest image quality without blurring your image.

At the same time, it takes the most performance. Your game effectifly renders at a higher resolution than your monitor can display and get´s sized down to your monitor´s resolution.

3) SMAA via SweetFX

If you´re comfortable to change the game´s visuals like colouring and contrast install SweetFX. It provides support for SMAA which is an excellent tradeoff between image quality and blurryness.
Michael can you explain the installation for this please?

It´s a standard sweetfx installation. Nothing special.


The Witcher 3 features HairWorks, which is a graphical effect from Nvidia that suppusedly increases the quality of hair, fur and the like. While it works beatifully for the latter, Geralt´s hair looks unpleasant. The game features the settings off, Geralt Only and On for covering everything. Since many people complained that they want everything but Geralt, vikart from decided to take on the task and created the Hairworks on everything but Geralt mod which does exactly what it says.

It removes Geralt´s hair from the effect.

Best witcher 3 ps4 settings options

Beast heads and animal furs look stunning while Geralt´s hair remains unchanged. On my system this costs me about 6 fps so you have to decide, if it´s worth the impact.

xml Tweaks

To further tweak the visuals of the game you can increase values for grass density or shadow quality. To do this you need to edit some xml-files.

An xml file may look strange if you see it for the first time but it´s not that different from an ini file.

The xml files you need to edit are located under The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc .

If you do not own the Game of the Year edition leave out the GOTY, so your filepath is The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc .

It is a good practice to set up a backup folder in case something goes wrong. Copy all unedited files in the newly created folder. Now right click on the folder´s name. Select Properties. Check mark the box Read-only. If you´re asked to apply this for all subfolders, select Ok.

If you need to revert to the old files select the file in the backup folder, right click it and select Copy.

Now go to the directory specified above and press Ctrl + V to paste it. If you´re asked if you want to overwrite your old files, select Replace file in the destination.

Now to edit the files you need to right click the file you want to edit, select Open with and chose a text editor of your choice.

Notepad works fine for this. GP recommends using Notepad++.

A link to the customized xml file can be found in the description.

The tweaks we are about to perform are only recommended for high end systems.

Your framerate WILL suffer noticeably by performing the changes below.

The first thing you want to do is open rendering.xml.

Make sure you to open the one in the filepath specified above, not the one in the backup folder. Scroll down to line 61, which is the last line of the uber preset <Preset id=”3″ displayName=”uber”>

Each of these entries a graphical preset you can select in-game, like High.

Now copy everything from line 49 to 61 and paste it just below the uber preset.

Change id to 4 and displayName to CustomUltra


Shadow settings

The first thing we will change is the resolution and distance at which shadows are drawn.

Search for

Add this just before

Click to show xml code

Texture optimazations

Next, we will increase texture resolution for levering higher quality textures from texture mods, increase the graphics memory budget and decrease the mipmap bias.

The developers chose an aggressive value of -2 for the latter, which results in jittering textures but higher texture quality for textures in the near vicinity of Geralt. We chose a value of -1 to decrease this jittering which is very noticeable on armor-sets with chainmail-parts.

Experiment with this setting as it is a matter of taste. -0.7 is also a good value. Users with 4k screens can use -1 with no problems.
Further we increased the resolution of textures to 4096 and changed the vram budget to 3,600.

Add this just before

Click to show xml code

Foliage & Grass settings

Now we´re going to increase the range at which grass and foliage like trees are rendered.

Again, paste this code right before

Click to show xml code

These are by far the most performance-hungry settings.

Experiment with the values of FoliageDistanceScale and GrassDistanceScale. The game´s ultra-setting´s value is 1,8 for FoliageDistanceScale and 1.5 for GrassDistanceScale.

Don’t change the value of grass density since it will result in visual errors.


Decal settings

The last settings we´re going change are value for decals like blood and dirt.

These don´t add that much visually but they´re also negligible from a performance standpoint. Note that the options are labeled under Level of Detail. They have nothing to do with a LoD system, which changes textures and models of far objects and surfaces to lower quality versions to save performance.

For the last time for this tutorial, add these settings just above

Click to show xml code


On my system, running a GTX 1070 overclocked to about 2GHz with a memory overclock of effectively 1200MHz I lose about 15 frames per second.

To take effect of the changed settings you need to go to Setting -> Video -> Graphics and change Shadow quality, Texture Quality, Foliage Visibility Range and Detail Level to the highest setting. The highest setting will be labeled ##preset_value_customUltra. Don´t worry, everything is working fine.

Further Tweaks

Anisotropic filtering: Disable the AF effect ingame.

Go to your driver and set Anisotropic Filtering to 16x there. The ingame AF only allows 8x.

Nvidia Ansel

CD Project Red also implemented a tool called Nvidia Ansel which allows you to take screenshot in extremely high definition. You can add filters, effects, change the camera´s position and field of view. You can also create 360 degree images and 3D images.

You can access it by pressing Alt + F2. There´s an example image linked in the description. Note that the image has been compressed to allow for faster upload.

Witcher 3 Installation & Settings

Most computer will have a difficult time handling images that large. Use the 64-bit version of IrfanView to view screenshots created by Ansel.

You need a Nvidia Geforce 780Ti or newer graphics card to able to use Ansel. A full list of supported cards can be found here: Supported GPUs


Nvidia: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Graphics, Performance and Tweaking Guide
PCGamesHardware: The Witcher 3: Bessere Grafik mit händisch angepassten PCGH-Einstellungen (German site)