Best Wireless Technology Options For Sbcs

Best wireless technology options for sbcs

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7. Samsung Gear IconX

Fitness and quality features together as one

  • Battery Life: Up to 5-7 hours
  • Wireless Range: Not indicated
  • Microphone?: Yes
  • IP rating: IPX2
  • Controls: Touch, voice control
  • Audio Codec: SBC
  • Charging case uses USB-C and quick charging
  • Onboard storage
  • Touch controls can be hard to hit
  • Poor iOS compatibility

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The Samsung Gear IconX outperforms its predecessor in terms of battery life.

In fact, Samsung specifically intended to improve its battery to address the problems they had with the previous model.

Best wireless technology options for sbcs

That being said, its 5-7 hours is pretty normal overall.

One feature that really sets these apart is its 4GB of onboard storage.

This means you don’t even need your phone to listen to your favorite music.


Just put the earbuds in the case and hook it up to your phone to transfer music from your phone to the earbud’s storage… of course, without your phone, you are just skipping around between random tracks.

Sadly, these don’t play well with iPhones, because that extra storage would be great if you’re an iPhone user who doesn’t want to splurge on getting an iPhone with more storage.

Continuing with that trend, if you’re an Android user who already uses Samsung’s S-Health app for working out, then these are a great option to keep track of what you’re doing while running or working out.

These can track your steps, speed, distance, calories, and even offer real-time voice guidance.

Best wireless technology options for sbcs

Sadly, they only have an IPX2 rating. I poked fun at the Bose SoundSport for only having an IPX4 rating while being marketed towards those who are more athletically inclined, so I sure as heck couldn’t spare Samsung for being worse.

Sound quality isn’t groundbreaking but it has a decent balance.

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It would have been a lot better if the equalizer presets on the app worked all the time. It does fit snuggly in your ear and they don’t really fall out easily. However, its case isn’t that secure. In fact, your earbuds will easily fall out if you accidentally drop the case.

Just bear in mind that this doesn’t support iOS so they’re technically one of the best wireless earbuds for Androids phones, not iPhones.

Best wireless technology options for sbcs