Best Tf2 Launch Options For Fps

Best tf2 launch options for fps

(TF2) - Massive Fps Boost!

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Best tf2 launch options for fps

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Game boosting programs yes/no
Now first things first.

Best tf2 launch options for fps

I do not use any game boosters such as Razor, IObit, WiseGameBooster etc.
Why you may ask, welp I hope I can clear this out for you. When you use a fps boosting program you're basically just closing your background programs right? Well no.

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I recommend checking out my previous section about the Graphic Card tweaking. Why you may ask? Now Game booster have their very own power plan for laptops and other devices. You can change your power options on your laptop and your PC to highest performance through your control panel and it's very easy.

TF2 Launch Options

As far as it goes for game boosters it's a bit weird. I said they have their very own power plan and stuff so I've come to realise/realize(it's the same thing when it comes to spelling) that actually using my highest performance power plan gives me more fps than game boosters such as Razor.

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My friends have also tried this and they've also seen a change in their fps performance after doing so.

Still if you're that guy/gal who thinks he/she knows everything you can try downloading various Game boosting programs or you could just follow what I did.
Open your power options by right clicking on your battery icon and then set your power option to high performance

Now as it goes for in game console commands they most releveant one to use is mat_phong 0.

Mat_phong 0 removes special effects on characters such as a sort of shine and makes the game run at a noticeably faster rate.

There is a downside. Using mat_phong 0 completely will completely ruin all australium weapons (makes them look like they're completely made out of gold)

This is what is would look like
Left is mat_phong 0 and right is mat_phong 1

Now I'm gonna tell you something important.
If you're really having issues with fps keep net_graph turned of.

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By using net_graph 1 you're enabling an fps counter, yea but the thing is that fps counter takes some space on your hud and takes up a small ammount of frames. So I suggest you use net_graph 0.

Hey there so sometimes your tf2 will just lag af and you'll se your screen literally breaking welp this could be because your graphics card is bad which it probably is if you're on this guide.
I'm on Intel HD Graphics (F my life)
What I did was go to my graphics panel and set the performance option to max and 3D options to balanced/performance.

Also don't forget to keep your drivers up to date.

Sorry if I can't really explain alot about Nvidia or AMD so I'm just gonna post these 3 videos.



Intel HD Graphics
Warning I do not use any modded Driver but if you want to you can do it
Welp I'm really glad you've taken the time to read this little short guide I made with alot of time and effor put into it, and I will constantly update it with new ideas I find.

Evan tho I have alot more stuff to talk about about these topics I'm not going to because I've already mentioned the most important stuff I could find.

Btw if this guide helped you out in any way please don't be shy to rate it.

Best tf2 launch options for fps

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Bye fellow reader and I hope you follow me because I'm planing to release many more guides related to tf2 and other games like csgo

Best tf2 launch options for fps