Best Temp E-mail Account Options

Best temp e-mail account options

Best temp e-mail account options

Email Address is the most significant part of the internet. NowADays to access any online service or any program we need to Signup for it using Email addresses.

Best temp e-mail account options

And some services like amazon prime, Netflix are trial based and you need to pay later when your trial account expires. But by creating the new account we can enjoy that same service for free.

Best temp e-mail account options

But it’s not effortless to create or manage multiple email addresses, but by using temporary email address sites it is.

Nobody likes spam, newsletters and unwanted emails on their personal Email Accounts. And the reason behind getting these spam emails is needless signup on a new Website to try their services. There are some sites also they force to signup their newsletter before accessing the content, and we put our email ID to get content.

10 Best Sites and Apps to Create Temporary Email Address

But now onwards no need to use your personal or work Email ID to access any sites content and services. We can use disposable Email / temporary email address instead of our Gmail and other Email clients email ID.


What is disposable email / temporary email address?

Disposable Email are not Private it’s Public, you can create a lot of temporary email address by using any random name or word.

Disposable email doesn’t require a password, that’s the reason it’s public and not secure. You can’t use Disposable email for your important and private works but it’s helpful in accessing services and websites.

The difference between Normal Email Address (Gmail) and temporary email address.

In normal email clients services, we need to enter many details like name, mobile number, security questions, password and much more.

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And only authorize User (who have the password) of that account can access emails.

But in the Throw-Away email / Disposable email, we can create temporary email account by using any random words. So if someone else will create using same random words then they can access your emails.

Best temp e-mail account options

It is only helpful in the verification process of sites and services and by using it we can get rid of unwanted emails and spam.

There are many temporary email generator sites available, but some of them track our personal info.

So if you are going to use Disposable email accounts then don’t forget to use the Anonymous browser to browse anonymously.

Best Disposable Email Sites to Create temporary email address.

1. Temp Mail – Disposable Temporary – Anonymous Email.

Temp Mail is the best and fastest temporary email service, that protect your personal email address from spam, bot and phishing.

You can create unlimited email addresses and each email can be tailored with ten different Domain names and a Custom Inbox ID.

Like standard Email address, Temp Mail gives you good (dot) com domain name like

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The best part is if you do not see your email until one hour then it will erase from your Inbox.

How to create temporary email / Disposable email using Temp Mail.

a. Creating your own customtemporary email address is easy with Temp Mail. First,visit Temp mail site and then you will able to see four options, simply click on Change Button.

b. Now enter any word or name in Login field and select any domain name from those ten domain names and after that click on Save.

For Example – I am entering Geek as login name and selecting as the domain name.

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After clicking on save button my Disposable email is [email protected].

c. You can use this disposable email to any sites and you can use refresh option to check Emails.



Guerrilla Mail is also the best one-time email disposable service, that helps in avoid spam and unwanted mail. It is somehow similar to Temp mail you can be tailored email with eleven different domain name. Guerrilla Mail app also available to create faux email addresses.

There are some awesome features that make Guerrilla mail a better temporary email service.

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First is the Auto-Refresh feature that refreshes emails in every 10 seconds, so you don’t need to do manual refresh like Temp mail. Also if you want you can create your own custom domain name but you need to pay for it.

Gmail Disposable Email - Create UNLIMITED GMAIL DISPOSABLE EMAIL Addressers

Scramble address features also available which provides encryption.

How to create a fake email / temporary email address using GuerrillaMail.

a. To create a temporary email address, first visit GuerrillaMail site and you can find address Field and drop down domain name Menu.

b. First click on address field to change your email name, if you don’t want to change then leave it.

Now select any Domain name and done you don’t need to do anything, your disposable email address is ready to use.


Use a disposable email address to eliminate spam from your inbox

And as I mentioned above you don’t need to refresh to check E-mails, auto refresh feature is available.

3. ThrowAwayMail.

ThrowAway Mail is best Disposable email service, it will dispose of email account after one hour of creation.

Like Temp Mail and Guerrilla Mail, you can’t create your own address. It will automatically provide you random email address which you can use on sites for verification purpose.

If you’re not happy with the current random email address then Reload ThrowAway site page and it will give you new Email address.

There is no auto-refresh option available you need to manually refresh to check E-Mails.

Access ThrowAwayMail.

4. Mailinator.

If you don’t want to get spammed at your real email address then Mailinator is the Best choice to use the temporary email address.

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Mailinator allows us to access anyone’s email address, because like TempMail or Guerrilla Mail it does not provide multiple domain names.

The only domain name you will get is which is somehow the good thing.

For example, if I want to access [email protected] for temporary use then simply visit Mailinator site. And then enter this address and click on Go. You can access any address you want just change address name.

If there is email address not exist then also you can create by using same option.

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And Mailinator also deletes email after 1 hour, that’s why it is also Best Disposable email site.

5. Yopmail.

YOPmail’s free, quick and features rich service guards you against spam, phishing, and other online abuses.

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Protect your actual email, instead use YOPmail’s disposable one to sign-up wherever you want.

If you’re searching for a quick temporary email address service then your search ends here, because it allows us to create disposable email within a second.

All you need to do is enter the email address and click on Go button.

Access Yopmail.

Still, there are many disposable email service left to mention but these five are enough and best. And all provide some similar and some unique feature that will help you to protect your personal email from Spam.

Best temp e-mail account options