Best Portable Camping Options

Best portable camping options

Portable Camping Shower Buying Guide 

Gone are the days when you couldn't shower in nature — after camping, hiking, climbing, or simply after a music festival.

Portable camping showers are now available to bring you the latest comfort at reasonable prices, wherever you go.

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So if you are planning on climbing Mount Everest or Kilimanjaro — or attending Burning Man in the US or Glastonbury in the UK — you’ll be able to enjoy a proper shower on the go. 

For many occasions, portable showers are your best friend each time you go camping.

You can take them with you anywhere — without feeling like bearing a large burden on your shoulders as they are lightweight.

Best portable camping options

Having the right portable shower makes your life easy — and enables you to stay fresh — no matter the conditions. Varied, portable showers come in many sizes, shapes, and materials. 

Why Do You Need a Shower When You Camp?

After you exercise, climb, or hike, your muscles get sore.

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You need warm water to help relax and recover from such intense activities — taking a warm shower also reinvigorates you and boosts up your energy level, while helping you sleep better. Feeling refreshed after an intense day in nature is really something everyone seeks. 

Plus, maintaining personal hygiene while camping is important. As you are in nature — around the campfire at night and in lakes, mountains, or the countryside during the day — you get dirty easily.

What Kind of Portable Showers Are There?

A portable camping shower consists of a portable water tank or a shower head with add-ons mostly in plastic or titanium — that replicates your shower and can be taken anywhere.

Made of lightweight materials and easy-to-carry elements such as a hose and a water head, portable showers are your best companion wherever you go camping. 

Coming in multiple designs or shapes, there are a lot of choices out there. 

A solar-powered camping shower captures the heat of the sun.

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You can enjoy a hot shower anywhere and conveniently with a solar-powered portable shower. These showers are designed with a tank that carries the water, as well as a hose and a showerhead.

Best portable camping options

Practical, this type of portable shower absorbs the sun's rays — to reach a desirable peak temperature that will make you feel warm. 

Pros: Economical and easy-to-use, a solar-powered portable shower allows you to take a shower when you go fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and so forth.

Cons: Not ideal if you travel in places with little sun available or heavy clouds. You will also have to get a portable shower with a built-in temperature gauge for safety reasons as the water can get really hot. 

A bag portable shower has many uses.

Best portable camping options

From a water tank to a bidet, you can carry your bathroom on the go with a bag portable shower. With a salve-closing valve, this type of portable shower lets you save water. From 3 to 5 gallons, you can easily bring water that you will not waste.

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A bag portable shower can also be solar-powered. As the bag is small, you can put it in your bag or luggage without feeling too heavy. 

Pros: Intuitive and easy-to-setup, you can enjoy a shower pretty much anywhere, at any time. It just takes 1 minute to install a bag portable shower (over a solar-powered shower).

Cons: Not the best option if you are looking for a hot shower but definitely for a quick wash on the go. 

A pump portable shower is unique and convenient if you are camping.

As it doesn’t require to be lifted, you can easily place it anywhere on a flat surface and use it right away. All you have to do is pump the pedal to get the water out.

Best portable camping options

The tank lets you fill up enough water for a clean shower on the go. 

Pros: Versatile and lightweight, a pump portable shower lets you enjoy the water for every camp needs and is easy-to-use.  

Cons: You cannot hold it like a bag portable shower and you need to pump to obtain pressurized water. 

An electric portable shower features a rechargeable battery that powers the shower, which is separate from the water tank.

You’ll need access to an electrical outlet to charge the shower before you can actually use it. You can recharge the battery with a pocket battery charger if needed. 

Pros: This is designed to be submerged, with a waterproof battery so you can conveniently enjoy it in a water-friendly environment. 

Cons: The shower may run out of battery.

Make sure to bring a charger and to recharge at your camping site if there are electrical outlets. 

A propane portable shower is small, efficient, and perfect to heat water.

Made of a self-supportive unit, this shower can be mounted easily at a campsite.

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Within 2 minutes, you can enjoy hot water. Combined with a pop-up tent, you’ll find comfort anywhere with a propane portable shower. 

Pros: Quick to provide hot water and convenient, a propane portable shower provides the most  comfort at bargain prices.

Cons: You need electrical supply and a water hookup.

You are unlikely to be able to use this type of portable shower for wild camping or in the mountains.


Types Of Camping And How to Shower 

There are multiples ways to go camping and enjoy the beautiful nature. If you plan to head off to the wilderness, you can either go for: 

Tent camping is by far the most popular camping experience.

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Tent camping allows you to sleep either at a campsite, at the beach, or at festivals and is good for solo or family and friends. Choose your portable shower depending on the campsites. Consider if you have an electrical supply.

For tent camping, you can choose any type of portable shower as long as you know if you have electrical power or not. 

Backpacking and hiking is for solo travelers or friends looking to explore many countries.

Hiking lets you explore a diversity of stunning landscapes, rivers, lakes, mountains, and more.

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As you carry everything on your back, you need to pack lightly and choose your gear accordingly. 

For outdoor adventures, a hot portable shower that doesn’t require electricity or battery supply is best.

A bag or solar-powered portable shower will do the job perfectly. 

Van camping is a favorite of surfers who travel from one spot to another looking for the best waves.

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Having the pleasure to be mobile, such a type of camping provides the most ultimate freedom and gives the comfort of a home. Popular with older people, van camping combines the best of travel without feeling outside your home.

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If you fancy a little bit of luxury, van camping is for you!

Propane or electrical showers are great for van campers as you can easily access powers and sockets. There’s no such issue if your battery runs out as you can charge from the van itself. 

Canoe or boat camping is popular as it provides great sensations and discoveries between the land and the rivers, or the lakes.

Combining the advantages of backpacking with the most ultimate freedom, canoe or boat camping lets you enjoy the true wilderness.


As you can carry more on the boat or the canoe, you don’t need to go for lightweight gear and can increase the level of comfort. 

Prefer a bag or solar-powered portable shower if you go boat camping. When you stop by the nearby area to fall asleep, enjoy a great shower. Don’t go for electrical showers or pump ones as you are unlikely to be able to use them conveniently. 

Survivalist camping is one extreme type of camping and requires you to go outside your comfort zone fully.

If you are an experienced, competent camper and can handle different temperature changes between the day and the night, and are comfortable within more extreme situations, then survivalist camping is for you! Survivalist camping requires you to push your boundaries, and you may sometimes not shower at all. 

If you do wish to shower, as you wander through nature, be as light as possible and carry just the necessary.

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A bag portable shower will suffice (or a pump one) for such type of camping experience. 


How Much Does a Portable Shower Cost?

Affordable, portable showers come in a variety of prices ranging on average from $10 to $50.

Solar-powered portable showers are not necessarily overpriced. You can buy a portable shower online or at a department store, Walmart, or in your local supermarket. Online stores let you compare easily between different portable showers. 

Final Tips 

Don’t expect a long shower when you are using a portable shower.

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Allow up to 5 minutes, depending on the capacity of the water tank. 

If you travel solo, choose a small capacity bag portable shower. If you travel with friends or family, consider buying a larger portable shower with a bigger water tank. 

Take care of your portable shower. Verify the batteries prior to each use if you use an electrical power shower. Clean up your portable shower once you go home. 

Choose your type of portable shower according to the camping experience you are after.

Don’t buy a solar-powered portable shower if you camp with no sun. 

If you are after a quick shower, don’t go for a solar-powered portable shower as you need some time to warm the water up.