Best Options Ssl Certificate

Best options ssl certificate

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– Is this tech lingo for you ???

I know, these abbreviations sometimes make an understanding really hard. Just as its “deciphering” does.

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So, let me try and explain what all this actually means.


HTTP is the name for a protocol in computer science that describes how data is being transferred between a browser and a website. Once upon a time, someone had the idea to name this procedure HTTP.

Best options ssl certificate

And now it is this way. Officially, HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.



TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. What it does, it encrypts the communication between the web browser of a visitor (on one end) and the server of the visited website (on the other end).
Every single connection is uniquely secured.

Let’s make an example, and let’s assume you are accessing my website with your browser (which you do right now).

Best options ssl certificate

If you find more than one article interesting (let’s say 2) and have opened these in several tabs, you now established 2 connections between your browser and my server. Each of these two tabs use a unique key to access my website. My server and your browser negotiate the details of this security setup (algorithm, cryptographic keys) at the start of the session.

That’s the TLS handshake.

Before you even see one letter on your screen appear, these details are negotiated.
Known eavesdropping techniques or man-in-the-middle attacks are suspended from this.



HTTPS contains an additional S in its name, which stands for Security.

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It means, that a level of security has been added by encrypting the data in transfer. The data in a transfer is no longer transferred in plain old text, but by a big string of random characters.

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That’s called encryption.

http:// means, this is a website.
https:// means, this is a secured website. It is using SSL to encrypt data and authenticate the website.



SSL is often named in the same breath as TLS.

Best options ssl certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is actually the predecessor of TLS. It provides communication security over a computer network. The terms SSL and SSL certificates have been used for some years now to point out that there is “security inside”.


SSL Certificate

To use SSL on a website, a certificate needs to be installed on the host’s server.

Best options ssl certificate

This is done by the web host or provider.

An SSL Certificate is made up of two keys: A ‘Private Key’ and a ‘Public Key’. These keys are literally the “key” to having a secure website.

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The certificate is uploaded to your web host’s server and then broadcasts the security transfer protocol.

SSL Certificates expire after a certain time period and must be re-issued.

Typically, this is after 1 or 2 years.