Best Options For Solo Dinner In Singapore

Best options for solo dinner in singapore

Here now, Eater returns to Singapore to discover the hottest drinking and dining options the city has to offer.

Best options for solo dinner in singapore

“Singapore’s dining landscape took a slight beating when Restaurant Andre and Joel Robuchon’s two restaurants shuttered last year, wiping out seven Michelin stars within a short four-month period,” says local food writer Evelyn Chen, who blogs about Singapore’s dining scene at

“But the downturn didn’t last long.

Best options for solo dinner in singapore

Buoyed by the city’s new-found status as a lifestyle hub for Crazy Rich Asians and gastro tourists, new restaurants continue to come on the scene unabated.”

Among her picks, a contemporary taste of the rustic Basque country (Basque Cuisine by Altor), a packed natural wine bar (Le Bon Funk), and a monochrome-inspired tasting menu (Preludio). Here now, in geographic order, the Eater Heatmap to Singapore. (Want to catch up with the city’s most essential dining experiences?

Solo Dining at HaiDiLao Hot pot Restaurant 新加坡海底撈 Singapore Eating Alone In Public Challenge

Visit the Singapore 38.)

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.