Best Options For City Skylines Tm Mod

Best options for city skylines tm mod

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Best options for city skylines tm mod

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Best options for city skylines tm mod

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Last checked: August 2019

Launch parameters (options) let you override certain configuration settings in the game.

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The video below provides a brief overview on how to use them:

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Note: These options have a double hyphen at the start instead of a single hypen, and also have an uppercase letter at the start of the second word.

Disable Workshop (Assets and Mods)

You will often be advised to add both of these parameters when a new game patch is released or when you are requesting support from Paradox[].

They will disable some or all workshop subscriptions while present, leaving sections of the Content Manger empty.

If you want to change your existing subscriptions while those options are active: Select the "Workshop" tab at top of this page, then hover mouse over "Your Files" in the right sidebar.

A pop-up menu will appear; choose "Subscribed Items" and you'll get a list of everything you are currently subscribed to.

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They will be ordered by date subscribed, most recent at top. You can change the order to date updated to quickly find what was changed recently.

See also: Online spreadsheet listing all known broken or incompatible mods[]
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If you have multiple disaplays, you can force the game to run on a specific display:

When `n` is the adaptor number (0 = first, 1 = second, etc).

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For example, to use the 2nd monitor:

There are also some multi-monitor mods in the Steam workshop which apparently can stretch the game across multiple monitors; I've not tried them so no idea if they work as advertised.

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Normally you should set the screen resolution in-game. If your aspect ratio isn't listed, try the More Aspect Ratios mod first.

If all else fails, you can try setting screen resolution via launch options:

You can specify a specific screen resolution with this parameter:
-screen-width <width> -screen-height <height>

For example, if you wanted 1024x768 use:
-screen-width 1024 -screen-height 768

Note: The actual UI resolution seems limited to 1080p.

I don't know of any way to work around that limitation.[/url]

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You can toggle between normal windowed and full screen in the game via Options > Graphics menu.

Alternatively you could experiment with these launch options (probably only work on Windows / Linux, haven't tested on Mac)...

To run in borderless window:

To run in normal window:

To run full screen:

Apparently this is a better way to set full screen mode:

Where `m` is either 0 (not full screen) or 1 (full screen).

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Avoid using these options unless you are suffering graphics issues or crashes.

DirectX 11 feature level (Windows only)

Use only one of these at a time (I've no idea what the default will be, I assume most recent so 11-0):

-force-feature-level-9-3 -force-feature-level-10-0 -force-feature-level-10-1 -force-feature-level-11-0

Force DirectX 9 (Windows only)

Before using it, try and upgrade your graphics card drivers to the latest stable release form the manufacturer website as that will often fix the problem at source.

This option often resolves serious graphics issues on Windows platform, at the expense of some graphics quality and frame rate:

Tip: If you see the "d3d11: failed to create staging 2D texture" error in your log files, the -force-d3d9 option often will fix it.

Force single-threaded rendering

Only use this if you see the "HandleD3DDeviceLost" error in your log files:

Use either this:

Or this (not both):

Alternatively, if you're using DirectX 11, you can use this:

You can force use of OpenGL instead of DirectX.

Note that this can cause problems with the UI of some mods and possibly also cause issues with some of the more elaborate workshop assets.

To use the latest version of OpenGL, limited to version 4.5:

Or this (not both):

You can specify which context version of OpenGL to use:

Where `XY` is the version.

How To Install Mods For Cities: Skylines

Accepted values for XY: 32, 33, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 or 45.
(thanks to Darth_Jimbo for this info!)

Force Metal (Mac OS only)

Note, this might not work with C:SL (haven't checked, sorry).

Force the game to use Metal graphics mode.

This only works in conjunction with `-force-gfx-metal` (see above). If your Mac has multiple GPUs, you can select which one the game uses:

Where `n` is the device index to use.

This parameter must be used on it's own (don't use any of the other graphics card or screen settings options).

User feedback indicates it doesn't do anything, but leaving it here just in case.

Best options for city skylines tm mod

Last updated: July 2019

This option is useful if your graphics card is overheating (more than ~70ºC depending on your graphics card), especially if you are using a laptop in summer months. It might also be useful if your monitor can't handle higher frame rates.

For example, to limit to 30 fps use:
Section added: July 2019

This is probably a bad idea, but if you want to reduce load times at the expense of not knowing about any errors, you can disable the log file completely:

Section added: July 2019

Add the following launch option:

After loading a save, press the Tab key and you'll get the dev UI.

Note, however, several mods (particularly first person camera / autowalking mods) also use Tab key so it might not work.

A much better alternative: Use Mod Tools - it has an '>' inspector button (top right of screen) that does the exact same thing, however it also allows you to click on something to open it in the Mod Tools scene explorer!

Related, for modders only: If you build TM:PE (master branch, any version) in DEBUG mode, there's several additional debug overlays on the Maintenance tab in mod options and an extra in-game menu with loads of extra tools.

Cities: Skylines - Must Have Mods (2018)

Found some pages that list a bunch of other stuff but no idea if they work or not. Some are likely game or game engine specific:

Best options for city skylines tm mod