Best Option Transport One Largw Heavy Horse

Best option transport one largw heavy horse

Equine Express - Horse Transportation Nationwide

Required Documentation when horse(s) is picked up: (original copies of)
  • Health Certificate generally good for 30 days
  • Negative Coggins (EIA) test, varies by state, generally valid for 6-12 months
  • Brand Inspection, if applicable by the state the horse is departing from.
  • Recommended Documentation: A copy of immunization records is welcome, as many of the best layovers ask for these for everyone’s protection.

    Ask your vet for recommended vaccinations prior to shipping horses, at least two weeks in advance of pickup.

Right to Refuse Pickup:

Wings of An Angel Transport has the right to refuse pickup if the horse is obviously sick or uncontrollable. We have many years experience successfully loading horses.

Best option transport one largw heavy horse

Disclosure of the temperament of the horse is expected by the shipper before a contract is accepted. Failure to do so may result in refusing your horse(s) transportation at pickup and will result in the loss of the deposit and/or balance.

Please send with your horse:
  • A good quality nylon halter with a rope type of lead and snap clip.
  • Enough feed/ hay/ any special grain for duration of trip.

    Hay must be in bales that we can carry on our trailer, we cannot carry rounds or more than 100# bales if not broken up.

    Best option transport one largw heavy horse

    We carry good quality grass or mix hay at all times that is available for an additional charge.

  • Required Documentation noted above.
  • A “Fly Mask” is recommended to protect eyes from bedding that may be disturbed by ventilation.
  • Specific written instructions if your horse has any special needs or concerns.

    Special feed instructions would be examples, or if the horse has difficulty backing and needs to turn around to off load, has vision problems or anything we need to know to make your horse’s trip more comfortable.

Pick Up and Delivery Date:

Shipper recognizes and acknowledges that circumstances inherent in road travel may arise (including but not limited to weather, highway hazards, and welfare considerations of all horses in transit) that would preclude arrival of transport accommodations at a precise date and hour; however, both parties agree to utilize utmost diligence in adherence to said scheduled pickup date and to cooperate in subsequent delivery with communications given at regular intervals.

Shipping boots:

If your horse is used to shipping boots we will monitor how the horse does traveling and remove them if they are a problem.

Best option transport one largw heavy horse

Many horses are not comfortable wearing wraps over a long trip and spend more of their time trying to remove them, potentially injuring themselves.

Our dividers prevent injury from kicking of other horses and few horses injure themselves in slant stalls. Professionally applied standing wraps are acceptable, and will only be removed on the trip if they become a problem.

Best option transport one largw heavy horse

Wraps should be applied by skilled people for protection; damage can be done to horse’s legs with incorrect applications.


We will put on and take off blankets as weather dictates for your horse, if you wish. Please send in a bag or provide a bag to put the blanket in if removal is necessary marked with your name and have tags on the blankets, we often have multiple horses that will have the same exact blanket and color.

Best option transport one largw heavy horse

There is no charge for blanketing horses.