Best Option For Securing Upper Dentures

Best option for securing upper dentures

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A roundup of the best denture tooth options available on the market.

Portrait® IPN® Premium Denture Teeth
Portrait® IPN® Premium Denture Teeth are available in 42 upper and 20 lower anterior moulds, 27 upper and lower posterior moulds and 27 shades.

This provides more than 2,400 mould/shade options for customizing patient’s smiles.

Complete Dentures or Full Dentures

With posterior teeth available in 0°, 10°, 20°, 22°, 33° and 40°, both balanced and lingualized occlusion are easy to set. A lifetime warranty for the denture teeth is offered against breaking, cracking and excessive wear.

Innovative Treatment Options in Thailand for Missing Teeth.Fixed Bridges Dentures Implants

They are said to provide durability, lifelike esthetics, high wear-resistance and are ideal for implant-supported dentures.

DENTSPLY International, Prosthetics Division
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David Avery, AS, CDT
Director of Professional Services
Drake Precision Dental Laboratory Inc.
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For how long have you been using Portrait IPN Premium Denture Teeth?
Since they were first introduced in 1995.

Why are they your denture teeth of choice?
Due to the broad availability of mould selection, excellent wear rates and lifelike esthetics and vitality.

Why would you recommend them to a colleague?
For the physical and esthetic properties mentioned previously combined with the great overall business partnership that can be developed with DENTSPLY International through their comprehensive product offerings.

SRPhonares® II
Ultra-premium SRPhonares® II  composite denture teeth are said to set a new standard in removable prosthettics with optimized shape, shade and strength.

The existing range of 22 anterior tooth moulds has been extended to include two new mandibular moulds:  L54 and L55.

Best option for securing upper dentures

The moulds provide greater setup options and reportedly deliver a more patient specific prosthesis. The shades have been precision-matched to the A-D shade guide and include all 16 A-D and 4 bleach shades., thus extending the range of applications and ensuring maximum level of accuracy for shade communication between the dental team.

Nano hybrid composite material for the denture teeth has been optimized to provide enhanced durability and esthetics.

Ivoclar Vivadent Inc.
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Described as a good, esthetically attractive tooth, VITAPAN® PLUS acrylic anterior denture teeth have a natural appearance.

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The VITA MRP (microfiller reinforced polyacrylic) material used in the denture teeth provides low abrasion values.

The teeth are available in VITA Vitapan classical shades. The compact assortment comprises 10 upper anterior and 5 lower anterior moulds.

False Teeth Products

The VITAPAN PLUS anterior can be combined with the following assortments: VITA PHYSIODENS, VITA LINGOFORM, VITAPAN CUSPIFORM, and VITAPAN SYNOFORM.

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Mondial 8i-5º
Designed to meet the requirements of implant and geriatric prosthetics and for the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), the Mondial 8i-5º posterior tooth line features wider necks, increased volume and naturally reduced cusps to provide esthetic concealment of supporting structures.

The flat occlusal morphology ensures precise centrics with maximum degrees of freedom in the paths of movement.

Best option for securing upper dentures

When used for implant treatments, the flattened multipoint contact area minimizes the initial abrasion.

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Veracia SA
The semi-anatomical Veracia SA denture teeth line takes into account the wear of the remaining natural teeth to provide a symbiosis of natural esthetics and function.

The functional characteristics of the teeth are adopted, precisely predetermined and marked with abrasion zones. The result is said to be measurably enhanced chewing performance and pleasant wearing comfort with the stabilized denture, while subjecting the jaw to less stress.

Best option for securing upper dentures

Balanced, lingualized, tooth-to-tooth or tooth-to-two-teeth occlusion can be achieved.

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