Best Option For Saving And Sharing Email And Documents

Best option for saving and sharing email and documents

Why Store Your Data in the Cloud?

What is the best file sharing software?

The best file sharing software is eFileCabinet. The platform offers a user-friendly, mobile-optimized interface that lets users access files from a wide variety of devices. It also features an OCR tool that automatically organizes files and drag-and-drop functions for adding files into the system.

If you are still entertaining the idea that online servers are a magnet for scammers and your stiffest competitors, the security protocols now making their way into the market should make it the least of your worries.

What should concern you first off is selecting the file sharing software that would be easy on your budget and works comfortably with your teams.

In this article, our experts surveyed the market and compiled the 10 leading file sharing systems based on features, price, security, support, and other essential factors.

You will notice that the vendors often offer similar capabilities. The key is to find those little things that could prove crucial when you make your final decision.

Team cooperation typically starts with files being commonly accessible to its members.

Best option for saving and sharing email and documents

In some instances, a simple email exchange will do, but when work involves multiple revisions from multiple contributors, things can get a little tricky. You have to know which one is the most current, as well as who did what exactly.

Best option for saving and sharing email and documents

When teams are scattered all over the office, this practically invites chaos. Cloud-hosted file sharing platforms nicely eliminate this problem, but they, too, have their problems.

In some surveys, for example, as much as 70% of employees use their email to send personal files.

At a time when concern about protecting sensitive information is at its peak, you may be compromising your company if you are not trying to address this issue.

Another study reveals that while as much as 48% of companies can set up policies for sending sensitive files, 2.6% of organizations’ file sharing permissions are set to public. Clearly, there is still a need to be vigilant about tracking and monitoring employee handling of company information.

Is your company even trying?

File sharing is an excellent way to accomplish corporate and business goals, but getting it to reflect in your ROI means applying the tightest security measures to ensure your efforts are not for naught.


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eFileCabinet sits at the top of our list of file sharing systems.

Designed for SMBs, the platform offers robust features for secure file management, hassle-free data migration, and easy integration with third-party software.

eFileCabinet is a highly flexible platform, as it lets you choose between downloading the software for on-premise use or using the platform entirely on the cloud. No matter which deployment you choose, you’re sure to get a user-friendly interface that offers a traditional folder-based library for organizing your files.

The software also has some unique capabilities to help you with document management.

Option 1. Site mailbox app

You can use templates to automatically create standardized folder structures and predefined document names. Moreover, a built-in zonal OCR tool automatically captures information in the fields of scanned forms, making the information easier to store and retrieve.

2. is designed to make file sharing and management as easy as possible.

The software provides users with up to 4 ways to upload files to a centralized platform. This ensures that users can quickly share files from wherever they are on the platform.

Moreover, has a ‘Files View’ that lets you view all uploaded files in one place, whether these are documents, pictures, or contracts. From the Files View board, you can download and preview files users have uploaded to all boards.

All uploaded files are kept in context to ensure that everything stays organized. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.

Users can upload files up to 500mb, even from the mobile app. For bigger files, allows users to upload zip files from Google Drive, Dropbox,, or OneDrive.

This hassle-free file management capability is perhaps one of the reasons why is also one of the most efficient collaboration software today.


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Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business offers best-in-class and easy-to-use functionalities that have been helping millions of users worldwide achieve better collaboration, productivity, and overall workflow.

Dropbox Business has a simple interface that belies its extensive capabilities.

The software centralizes important team files into one platform, ensuring easy access for anyone who needs these files.

Best option for saving and sharing email and documents

With Dropbox Spaces, the software also brings together local files and cloud content to improve file organization.

The platform also has plenty of features to improve security for your business. It uses a secure, distributed infrastructure to ensure that sensitive files and data are safe.

For further protection, the administrators can control file visibility and users’ download capabilities.

Dropbox Business is available in 2 plans: Standard and Advanced.

Top 10 file-sharing options: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and more

The Standard plan offers up to 5TB of secure storage, while the Advanced plan can give you as much space as your team needs.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows you to store your files, videos, music, photos, etc. in a single location.

It automatically syncs your data with all the devices linked to your account, which means they immediately receive the updates and changes that you make.

Google Drive also monitors the changes you made in the past 30 days, enabling you to go back and redo/undo the changes. The platform relies on Google search and uses popular Google features such as image recognition to browse your photos, and OCR capabilities to extract text in pictures.


Synology Drive

Perfect for personal or office use, Synology Drive makes your file readily available from anywhere you are.

It offers ample storage capacities reaching up to hundreds of terabytes.

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The software also allows you to choose the right Synology NAS or hard drives for you.

The on-demand sync feature of the platform lets you save disk space and bandwidth. You will still get to see all your files in the synced folders that you have, but you can only stream them on your desktop once you open them. Also, you can choose to exclude specific subfolders and file formats, as well as put a limit on the size of your files.

Another critical feature of Synology Drive is its restore capability.

The Intelliversioning algorithm that comes with the software can show you the most significant changes in your storage. This way, the system versions will not be taken up by small recent changes, and you can restore previous versions as easily as right-clicking them.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox for SMBs offers flexible pricing plans that can be used by organizations of all sizes.

10 Best File Sharing Services: Which One Is The Best?

It uses off-site servers for file storage and sharing. The solution allows you to automatically sync your files online and across the devices you use. Files can be managed as you do on your desktop. The software allows you to access your files on secure servers from multiple devices, including desktops, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

Dropbox also has some extra features that make file sharing more efficient.

You can set permissions so only people with the right credentials can view your uploaded files. The platform can also notify you of any changes made to your files.

For added convenience, the platform offers integrations with a wide variety of software, including communications software like Slack, RingCentral, and Cisco WebEx.


Option 2. Office 365 groups


Box is a file sharing service that provides secure collaboration from any device. You can use it to easily manage and share files across your company. The service is used by more than 50,000 organizations worldwide, including top brands like Pandora, Boston Scientific, Gap, Nationwide, and GE.

You can use Box to easily create, edit, and review documents with other users in real-time or on the go.

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The vendor uses protection measures like customer-managed encryption, activity logs, granular permissions, and mobile security to provide tight security for stored files. Plus, the service enables you to comply with e-discovery requests, data retention, and regulatory policies. It also allows for global compliance by assisting your organization in meeting regulatory and business requirements.


Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud is a cloud-based file-syncing and storage solution that enables users to store files in the cloud. The stored files are automatically synced to all devices in the account, including both Windows and Mac systems.

The service comes with offerings such as the iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Drive, where you can keep all your files stored securely and updated everywhere. The Family Sharing feature lets you easily share photos, movies, music, and more with your family members. Find My iPhone helps you find your Apple device if you lose it.

Apple iCloud lets you make folders for your files and provides online storage for productivity suite software such as Keynote, Numbers, and Pages.

The Best Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services for 2020

Setup is easy on all devices, including PC, Mac, iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. If you have bought a new Apple device, you can use the setup assistant for guidance.

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And for other devices, getting started only needs a few quick steps.

9. FileCloud

At just $10 per user per month, FileCloud allows your organization to enjoy 1 TB of cloud storage for the first 5 users and host and share documents and files for company-wide collaboration.

The price plan includes an option to choose a region to host your data. If you feel more comfortable hosting your files on your servers. The price even gets better, at just $4.20 per user per month.

FileCloud’s on-premise or on the cloud file sharing service comes with a robust sync feature that you can easily configure based on a preferred schedule.

File sharing extends to even remote branch offices with reduced network latency. To navigate large volumes of data, FileCloud comes with a powerful search engine that allows for file content search.

FileCloud recognizes businesses’ need to present themselves to the world the way they want. To that effect, it allows full white label customization, gives you an option to run your own domain, along with multiple language support.

FileCloud applies one of the most robust file security measures around, so you need not worry about prying eyes running away with your information assets.

Amazon Drive

Aside from antivirus scans and ransomware protection, you also get two-factor authentication, pattern search, and single sign-on, along with support for FINRA, HIPAA, and other security protocols.

10. OneDrive For Business

Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business is one of the best-regarded file sharing applications in the market, leveraging Microsoft’s vast experience and resources to provide customers with a stable, robust, and well-protected system to collaborate with shared files.

The cloud-based platform provides customers with the flexibility of a fully mobile system to allow teams to work together from anywhere in the world.

Best option for saving and sharing email and documents

OneDrive for Business syncs files in real-time, so users need not worry about working with outdated versions of their documents and other files.

As one of the top file sharing software solutions today, OneDrive for Business is covered by one of the toughest, most stringent security protocols available in the market.

This means that your most important files stay in the server and not ending up in the hands of online predators. The program protects you from the headache of accidentally losing files by allowing easy recovery even in the case of malicious attacks. Your business can start OneDrive for just $5 per user/month.

Detailed OneDrive For Business Review


Go for a Free Trial Before You Take the Final Plunge

These 10 file sharing solutions should give you a good idea of which one to use for your business.

Best option for saving and sharing email and documents

For instance, eFileCabinet comes with a handy zonal OCR feature for scanned forms, while Dropbox Business makes its case for any size of organization.

Finally, file sharing is often just as good as the document management system that you’re using. For that, you may want to check out our analysis of the best document management software.

Nothing beats the actual use of the application, so if you could contact these vendors and manage to arrange a live demo or free trial, you get a chance to get a better feel of how an application should work for your business.

You may also opt to work with the vendor on how to hurdle the issue, to make everything just right for a compelling presentation to the purchasing board.

of employees use a personal email to transfer documents and data


of companies have policies for sending sensitive files


of IT pros say their organizations know how much regulated data is on endpoint devices


of employees share passwords with coworkers


of an organization's file sharing permissions are set to public


Source: Insights for Professionals 2018

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