Best Option For Orlais

Best option for orlais

Epilogue options - Dragon Age: Inquisition

After that, go to the guest garden where you'll be approached by some of Celene's ladies. Respond how you like (being polite is better).

Best option for orlais

You'll then be free to explore the garden.

There's a noble there who you can eavesdrop on; select the red circle in the far corner to listen in on the conversation.

Do this twice. After that, approach him and, depending on your preference, agree with leashing templars or stopping mages.

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You'll gain a new recruit for the Inquisition.

Near the locked door in the far side of the garden, there is a cobwebby corner with a box you can loot. This is one of Red Jenny's Stashes.

Climb up the netting at the back of the garden and enter the doors to the library.

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Ignore everything in this room and turn right into one of the doors into the main part of the library. Go down the stairs and into the door on the right.

Best option for orlais

If you're a rogue, you'll be able to pick the lock but if you're a warrior or a mage, don't worry - the room doesn't hold any quest-specific items.

Make sure you explore the library and find all the secrets and coins below before you pick up any main quest items. When you've grabbed everything, get the book near the stairs between the garden and the library.

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After that, head to the room near the garden and "pull book" to reveal the secret room. Grab the veilfire before you pick up the secret and light the beacons to reveal the secret staircase and get some bonus items.

Only when you're sure you've got all the secrets, coins, and items you can pick up the letter on the desk and open the door in the upper garden with the halla statuettes to pick up the negotiations.

Best option for orlais

This will start the timer to get back to the ballroom. For the highest court approval, wait for the second bell (when your inquisitor will say "fashionably late, now") before you enter the ballroom.

Scandalous Secrets

  • Upon entering the room with a lot of people in it, find the red circle on your immediate left when you enter.

    Best option for orlais

    Eavesdrop for a scandalous secret (4/30).

  • After that, take the first left into the room with Duke Germain and eavesdrop in the red circle on the right (5/30).
  • Talking to Germain (6/30), the Council of Heralds (7/30), and the nameless nobles both times (8/30, 9/30) all mentioned above also reveals another secret each.
  • In the opposite side of the garden, you can eavesdrop for another secret (10/30).
  • Upon climbing up the netting at the back of the garden, turn right and go to the end of the balcony to find a secret (11/30).
  • When you go into the main library and down the stairs, go through the door on the left and pick up the documents for another secret (12/30).
  • In the main area of the library, search for a secret on the far table on the left (13/30).

Caprice Coins

  • Very close to Duke Germain is one of the lion statues where you'll find a Caprice coin (2/15).
  • In the Hall of Heroes, near where Blackwall is standing, is another Caprice coin (3/15).

Halla Statuettes

  • When you climb up the netting at the back of the garden, make a sharp right and approach the end of the balcony to find a halla statuette (2/11).