Best Non Commerce Options At Uofc

Best non commerce options at uofc

SOCI 375

+ easy material includes cool topics like slavery and Apartheid
+ the prof this term (Dr.

Schulich Leaders at The University of Calgary

Wong) was pretty good - friendly, approachable, responds to emails quickly, responds to questions appropriately, etc
+ lots of dumb people in the class makes for a few laughable moments. One girl tried to defend the Wayne Simmonds banana throw as a non-racially motivated act, and another said (and explained) how/why "black people can't float" is a stereotype by including "there must be something biologically wrong with them" in her explanation

- exams have a lot of questions for the allotted time
- there's a #### ton of reading.

Best non commerce options at uofc

It's something like 27 chapters (from two texts) for the course