Best Investment Options In Qatar

Best investment options in qatar


Are you searching for the best and lucrative business ideas in Qatar? Do you want to start a profitable business in Qatar? Then I will advise you to read this post.

Qatar is a very small country.

And the geographical location is very nearby Saudi Arabia. However, this is one of the richest countries in the world.

Almost all Qataris enjoy a high standard of living. And the country has a rich source of petroleum and natural gas. Therefore, Govt. earns a huge revenue from the export business.

Additionally, the country’s openness to global commerce enhances the possibilities of becoming a leading financial and business hub globally.

In addition, the business environment is conducive to the operation of new companies. There is no income tax or domestic corporate tax.

However, foreign corporations operating in the country are subject to a flat 10 percent corporate tax rate.

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Aside from customs duties, there are no other major taxes. Furthermore, the tax burden equals 5.2 percent of GDP, and government spending amounts to 31.4 percent of GDP. So Qatar is one of the best places for starting and doing business for the new entrepreneurs. Find here a list of 20 most profitable business ideas in Qatar.

List Of 20 Best Small Business Ideas In Qatar

#1. Beauty Salon

A beauty salon business is perfect in Qatar.

Additionally, you can start the business in several ways. Either you can start the business from home or as mobile basis or from a good retail location. When the first two options demand small capital investment, the third option ensures maximum profitability. Raed More…

#2. Catering

A catering business is easy to start and also very profitable.

In fact a small scale catering business is one of the most profitable food business opportunities. Also, it is a self-rewarding business. In addition, you can offer numerous customized services to your customers. Also, you can work with other event planning or party planning companies.


Computer Related Business

Every small and big business know the computer is an essential item in business. It has improved the operational aspects in the business. There are several ways of initiating computer based businesses as the home based also.

In addition, the computer related businesses in service industries have huge potential. Read More…


Top 50 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Qatar for 2020

Corn Roasting

The entertainment and tourism industries are hugely growing in Qatar. Therefore, starting a corn roasting business is perfect there. Corn roasting is a profitable and lucrative low-cost venture. And any individual can start this business as the full-time or part-time basis. Roasted corn is ready to eat food. Additionally, you can offer various creative foods to your consumers.

It is a popular snacks item throughout the world. Read More…

#5. Delivery Business

Delivery service businesses are gaining popularity worldwide. This type of services help to save time. Instead of, having to drive to the local supermarket, your consumers can get items at their doorstep.

Furthermore, it is more convenient when people can access the service online. Nowadays, most of the people lead extremely busy lives. Therefore, busy schedule, increasing spending capacity and changing lifestyle are the major reason of gaining popularity of this service industry globally. Read More…

#6. Financial Services

Qatar is a rich city and the GDP rate is increasing very fast.

Thus it creates enormous opportunities for starting financial service business. Additionally, there are several services and products that you can offer for different needs of the people.

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In addition, this is probably the largest industry sector under the sky. This is an industry that doesn’t demand specific educational background in the most of the cases. Read More…


Greeting Cards Making

Greeting card making business is perfect for those who enjoy creativity and want to turn their creative minds into a successful venture.

Top 20 Best Small Business Ideas In Qatar

This is one of the best home based business opportunities in Qatar for creative individuals. Greeting cards are billion dollar industry now.

People need it for plenty of reason like birthdays, anniversaries and as well as for business reason. Read More…

#8. Handyman Business

This is one of the best low-cost business opportunities in the service industry in Qatar.

Additionally, you can start and operate the business from home. A handyman business is simply providing the services of a small job or task for the clients who lack the skill or time to complete the work themselves.

The working area of a handyman service business is wide. Generally, this type of work includes maintenance, repair, remodelling, plumbing, refurbishing and electrical jobs.

Read More…

#9. IT Related Business

Information technology industry is booming in Qatar.

Small investment and high profit business in Qatar

Additionally, this industry offers several business opportunities. It includes software, networking, biometrics, mobile, digital entertainment, content delivery, mobile wallet technology, internet of things and so on.

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Depending on your investment capacity, you can start an IT related business in Qatar. Read More…

#10. Interior Designing

Qatar is a country full of luxury living. And definitely interior designing is a flourishing industry in the country. Interior designing is a perfect career option for the individuals who are passionate about design, art, and home decoration.

Any individual of any age can start this business from home. A degree of interior designing is always plus to start and run a successful interior designing business. Read More…


Best investment options in qatar

Leasing & Renting Business

Starting a leasing and renting business definitely, a smart way where you can earn huge profit. Leasing and renting businesses have long been a popular moneymaking industry.

It is mainly because although not everyone can afford to purchase luxury or recreational equipment, but they can pay the rent.

Best investment options in qatar

The other reason is the seldom requirement of that essential equipment that doesn’t comply the purchase. The startup cost of leasing and renting businesses can be high. However, it hugely depends on the types of products and equipment that you purchase to rent. Read More…


Best investment options in qatar

Martial Art School

Revenue wise martial arts school business is very lucrative. As it focuses on a specialized instruction.

Generally, martial arts are the different systems of self-defense. Simply, you can say, it is an art to physically defeat opponents and defend against threats.

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Martial arts are very popular in Qatar. Even it is a well-accepted form of workout. Read More…

#13. Mobile Car Wash

The vehicle population is higher in Qatar compared other countries.

Best investment options in qatar

In addition, the vehicle population is icreasing very fast. Almost every family has more than one car. Therefore, starting a mobile car wash business is highly lucrative in Qatar. Running a mobile car wash business is a smart way to make a lot of money without taking much risk of capital investment. The business also eliminates the requirement for a retail business location. Read More…


Pet Related Business

The pet industry is growing rapidly worldwide.

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People are buying more pet nowadays and spending a lot of money on them to give ultimate comfort. The attitude and sentiment behind this are the majority of the population now considers their pet to be a member of the family. In this scenario, starting a pet related business from home is just a wise decision in Qatar. Read More…

#15. Photography Business

Qatar’s tourism and hospitality industry is building momentum as it enters the second half of the decade.

Therefore, starting a photography business is one of the best business opportunities for the professional photographers. A photographer is a professional that focuses on the art of taking photographs with a camera. A photographer generally works in a freelance capacity and is hired for specific jobs by different clients. Read More…

#16. Real Estate

The shortage of available accommodation created upward pressure on rents in both the apartment and villa markets, with annual growth of between 5% and 10% per annum evident throughout the Doha market.

The supply of new residential accommodation has increased in recent times. In addition, this trend will continue throughout the year as a significant number of apartment projects reach completion. Read More…

#17. Recycling Business

Any individual can earn handsome money from recycling business. The magnitude of garbage that we produce is increasing day-by-day at a disturbing rate. While most people are aware of the effects of not recycling used materials, much more are not even aware that recycling can be a lucrative business.

You must know the process recycling of the specific product that you want to recycle. This is also an eco-friendly operation. Read More…

#18. Resume Writing

Resume writing is one of the most profitable business ideas in Qatar.

And any individual can start a home based resume writing or CV writing business on a part-time basis. As the business is purely knowledge based, startup capital requirement is very less.

You can also offer other allied services like writing a cover letter, career counseling and interview guide. This is a self-rewarding business that you are helping people to find better themselves and their lives.

Read More…

#19. Sewing Business

The is one of the most lucrative home business opportunities for the women entrepreneurs in Qatar. People who have passion and knowledge for sewing can start a business from.

List Of 20 Best Small Business Ideas In Qatar

In addition, this business is perfect for housewives and moms also. In any case, any individual can make a lot of money from his or her sewing business.

Furthermore, a home-based accommodation allows operating the business from the comfort of the home. Additionally, you can start the business as part-time also. Read More…

#20. Transportation

Transportation is one of the world’s largest industries.

Different types of specific demand with the changing lifestyle habit have introduced several innovative and profitable startup opportunities in the transport industry.

Transportation and logistics sector is growing rapidly in Qatar. The success of transportation and logistics companies depend decisively on the quality and qualifications of its employees. Broadly, aviation, shipping & ports, land transport and road freight & logistics are the majors.

Read More…

Doing business is easier in Qatar compared to many other countries. We hope this list of 20 most profitable business ideas in Qatar will definitely help you in taking an informed decision.