Best Insurance Option For Macbook

Best insurance option for macbook

New ipo in october 2020

If you are planning on purchasing the new iPhone SE , you may want to consider adding an insurance option to protect your device in case of damage, loss or theft. This optional coverage extends Apple’s one-year limited warranty, which already covers any hardware defects in the phone.

Best insurance option for macbook

In this column, we will discuss the benefits of AppleCare+ and compare it with other warranty plans available from SquareTrade and wireless carriers.



Third-party companies like SquareTrade offer an affordable alternative to AppleCare+, but there are a few catches. The SquareTrade plans provide three years of coverage for $139 ($4/month), two years for $119 ($5 per month) or one year for $69 ($6 per month).

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The warranty extends the manufacturer warranty as well as provides up to three accidental damage claims with a $99 deductible.

SquareTrade is less expensive than AppleCare+, but it is not as convenient as AppleCare+. To receive service with SquareTrade, you can send your iPhone in to be fixed after you’ve paid the deductible. This mail-in service is the most convenient option, but you will be without your phone for several days while it is being fixed.

Best insurance option for macbook

You also can to go the Apple Genius bar or a third-party repair shop to have your iPhone fixed. In these cases, SquareTrade will reimburse you for the repairs.

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Only certain repairs are reimbursable including a cracked screen, camera failure, battery failure, liquid damage, charging port failure, touchscreen malfunction, headphone jack problems and others. Similar to AppleCare+, SquareTrade does not cover the loss or theft of devices.

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Wireless Carrier Warranties

If you own a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or another credit card, you should check the terms of your card to see if they offer any form of insurance when you use the card to purchase a device.

Plans will vary, but you may be eligible for insurance at a rate that is much lower than competing services.


Purchasing a warranty is useful, but not a necessity.

Best insurance option for macbook

It all depends on how much you want to spend, how well you take care of your iPhone and what retailers or stores in your area. If you opt not purchase a warranty, then you should invest in a durable case and screen protector to protect your phone from an unexpected drop or water damage.

Is your current iPhone covered by a warranty plan? Do you plan adding one when your purchase your next phone?

Best insurance option for macbook

Let us know in the comments.

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