Best Holster Options For S&w 442

Best holster options for s&w 442

Fact Sheet

Smith & Wesson 442 holsters can be divided into four categories by use: Duty holsters (worn by police uniformed officers and security), Tactical holsters (worn by military, security and law enforcement), Concealment holsters (worn by peace officers, private persons) and Sporting holsters (worn for shooting sports, hunting).

Choosing the proper Smith & Wesson 442 holster for your handgun is just as important as choosing the right handgun to fit your needs.

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Now is not time to get cheap, your Smith & Wesson 442 is only as good as the ability to bring it into action when necessary. Just as in handguns, all Smith & Wesson 442 holsters will not fit every need or situation that may come up.

Smith & Wesson 442 holsters are manufactured in a variety of materials including leather, nylon, kydex and in a variety of combinations.

What Makes a Great Smith & Wesson Model 442 - 2" Holster

Carrying on the strong side hip is considered to tactically be the best way to carry your handgun. Carrying strong side on the outside although is the fastest to acquire it may not be as concealable as an IWB (in the waistband) strong side carry. Other popular choices of Smith & Wesson 442 holster are: shoulder holster, ankle holster, small of the back, fanny packs and other off-body carry options.

Best holster options for s&w 442

It is also advied to check available holster options when you plan to purchase a new handgun. No matter what kind of Smith & Wesson 442 holster you are looking for, we will help you find it in best quality and reliable price here.

Smith & Wesson 442 Information

A 5-shot blued revolver, introduced in 1993 with a 51 mm (2 in) barrel and in .38 Special caliber. In 2000, Smith & Wesson changed the barrel length to 48 mm (2 in) and the caliber to .38 Special P.

Best holster options for s&w 442

The total length is 160 mm ( 6 ¼ in) and it weights 425 g (15 oz). This revolver has an alloy frame, with a steel cylinder and barrel.

Best holster options for s&w 442

This frame time is known as the JC ( C or concealed) because the hammer is hidden in the high frame back. The 442 Centennial Airweight is a double action only revolver, because the hammer cannot be cocked by hand.

Best holster options for s&w 442

In 1993 the name 'Airweight' was inscribed on the barrel, this year later changed to a laser engraving located on the right hand side of the frame. This model is still in production. The version with an alloy frame and a stainless steel cylinder has the model name 642Centenial Airweight. This revolver in 'stainless look' has the same dimensions and weight as Model442. In addition, there is also the Model 642 Centennial Airweight Lady Smith with an Uncle Mike's Dymondwood grip.

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We will help you how to choose the best holster for you. Directly from producer.

J-Frame IWB tuckbale holster by Pyntek