Best Grocery Deivery Options

Best grocery deivery options

Food delivery is one of Mankind’s greatest inventions.

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Not only can we continue watching movies in our pyjamas but food delivery services allow us to pick and choose cuisines while eating wherever we want.

Whether you’re snowed in, tired from hill walking, beat from bungee jumping, short on going out clothes, or just feeling lazy, food delivery is your meal-time saviour service.
Queenstown, being a resort town that relies heavily on the service industries, has a wide choice of options for home food delivery.

In this post, we take a look at the best options.

New Zealand was the first country in the world to offer pizza by drone but this pizza delivery service is currently limited to the North Island so don’t expect any food to be flown in yet, unless you’re friendly with a helicopter pilot.

Best grocery deivery options

A couple of other websites have bases in Christchurch. Food Taxi is one, and we’re hoping they expand further south soon. FoodNinja and DeliverEasy are others that are expanding their New Zealand presence and should reach QT soon.

If you search on Google for food delivery websites or online food ordering, 8 out of 10 of the results are not relevant to Queenstown.

New Zealand doesn’t have the wide range of choice that the US or Europe have when it comes to online food ordering.

American consumers seem to have a new app to choose from every week. UberEats, Seamless, Grubhub, and many others are all fighting for a piece of the meal delivery pie. UberEats has started their service in Auckland but it may be some time before it reaches Queenstown.
Outside of the main cities of Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, the options are even fewer. So don’t bother searching any further. The complete list of Queenstown’s food delivery options is here.


Food Delivery Websites and Apps

Menus Online

MenuLog is a website that allows you to find restaurants nearby that offer delivery and pickup (select from either option after searching for your suburb).

Best grocery deivery options

At the time of testing (June 2017), the site has just one restaurant listed (Kathmandu Kitchen), but we’ll monitor the progress and update this post if things change.

Dine In is a portal for ordering from restaurants that deliver in New Zealand.

Currently, the site only lists two eateries in Queenstown but they are working on more. Kathmandu and Bollywood kitchen are two South Asian restaurants that offer discounts and a simplified ordering system through the website.

Thai Online

Thai food is popular in Queenstown.

So much so that there are at least 4 places serving Thai cuisine in the town. One company specialises in Thai food delivery. From 4 pm to 10 pm, every day of the week, you can order delicious Thai dishes delivered to most places in town.

Best grocery deivery options

Delivery is free for orders over $40. I love their website. It’s easy to use and does away with frills and I can order a customised meal in seconds.

Hand Made Food

Tired of conveyor belt food? For some hearty home cooked and hand made meals check out Farm House Food. The company focuses on fresh food.

They source locally grown products, freeze them as soon as possible, and minimise the time the food spends out of the freezer before reaching the customer.

Best grocery deivery options

When I last checked the site was still advertising a Christmas menu. The menu is labelled for November last year so it’s clear that they aren’t spending a whole lot of time on the website.

However, the food looks delicious and reasonably priced. Choose from Beef and chicken dishes, gourmet pies, soups, schnitzel, and salads. They offer gluten-free and vegetarian options too (although these were out of stock at review time)

Food On Q

Food on Q is a fairly new venture which aims to list all restaurants, eateries, and food producers in Queenstown that offer delivery of their products.

Some of the restaurants listed include a number of our favourites: Erik’s fish and chips, My Thai Lounge, The Taj, and Pita Pit.

The website is a little bit clunky and could do with a few additions to the restaurant lists. However, it does what it says on the tin.

Fast Food Delivery


Domino’s, who I already mentioned pioneered the drone delivery concept, do regular deliveries to household’s in Queenstown.

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Need that satisfy that Saturday night pizza urge? Ordering online using the Domino’s website couldn’t be simpler.

Best grocery deivery options

Click the big red button that says ‘order online’ and you have a couple of choices for delivery.
1. Quick order – repeat an order you already made

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Delivery – start a new order and make your choices.
There’s even a help bot which shows you how to make your order online. Cash and credit card payments are accepted

Gourmet Pizza

Fast Fat Chef (love the name) calls itself a gourmet food delivery business. I’m no expert, but Pizza is fast-food.

Best internet option mpls

However, the pizzas on offer are a grade above your regular domino’s pizza. Delivery is from 5pm to 9pm everyday and an hour extra on Friday and Saturday nights.

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Ordering online is simple and payments are process by PayPal (you can use your PayPal account or a credit card)

Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips is my favourite fast food and Erik’s does the best greasy seafood and potato meal in the Southern Hemisphere. Order the Blue Cod or Hoki, and Kumera Wedges online here. Delicious.

Dinner Party and Special Occasions

Throwing a food party or evening meal for a lot of people is hard work.

What makes things easier is a delivery service that prepares everything you need for your event. Check out A Divine Dish who can cater for small events to weddings, and will even come to your house to prepare the food. The website offers a selection of dishes that you can combine to create a full menu for 2-3 people or more. The selection interface is really nice and simple to use.

Shoppers as choosy as you are.

Fancy a carvery ham with honey roast pumpkin? What about throwing in a chocolate dessert? Just click the + button to add each part of the meal. Another tab details the exact ingredients of each food item.
The meal delivery service is available on Wednesday and Friday only.

Grocery Delivery

Ordering groceries online has become as easy as every other internet transaction in the last few years.


You can quite easily avoid shopping in physical stores for groceries in Queenstown.
Countdown’s grocery delivery service is extensive and even includes a deals section. If you’re going to make online grocery shopping a regular thing, Countdown’s prepaid delivery options can save you a lot of money.

Fresh Choice supermarket has a Quick Shop website which is basic and short on images but contains the essentials and some extras.

With just a few clicks, you can have most things delivered to your door.

Organic, Healthy, Vegetarian and vegan food deliveries

Everywhere you go in Queenstown you’ll see signs promoting ‘vegan-friendly, ‘gluten free’, ‘vegetarian’ and ‘paleo’ foods.

New Zealanders like to have choices.

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Kiwis are also very health-conscious and take their food seriously. As in most countries with a high standard of living, getting cheap food is not the priority. Nutritious food which satisfies the diet requirements of each individual is very important.

For Deep Pockets

An expensive option is Fit Food.

Who has the best grocery delivery service?

The food itself is reasonably priced, but to get it delivered to your door in Queenstown will cost you a bit.
Foods on offer include “totally plant based vegan synergistic combinations”.

Protein choices include bean balls, nut mixes, and falafel
The company delivers twice a week nationwide.
A second expensive option for meal packages delivered to Queenstown is

Best grocery deivery options

The courier cost for getting your gluten free meals to Queenstown will be $60.

Try Rehab

The target market for Rehab is people that want a healthier alternative to the fast food that is in abundance on the high street.
Order direct from their fast and detailed website. Every dish or food pack is labelled(clearly) with keys which indicated the type of food and ingredients: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, contains nuts, contains soy, contains yeast, contains egg.

Raw Food

Rawmazing delivers raw, dairy-free, and gluten-free goodies to customers in Queenstown (and other nearby cities).

These are strictly goodies, desserts, and snacks.

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We don’t recommend ordering your dinner from this website (but it’s a free world). Rawmazing is also happy to point out that their goodies are vegan & paleo friendly too.
The products are made to order so everything is super fresh.
Deliveries are only available for orders in the greater Queenstown area for $8 for up to 15Kg. Deliveries further afield are a little more expensive and use a refrigerated truck.

See their pickup/delivery page for more details.

Healthy Meals

Only Good Food is a healthy meal delivery service for Queenstown, Arrowtown, Frankton, Jacks Point, and Kelvin Heights.
Family food packs start at $100 and contain all the raw ingredients you need to prepare healthy meals.
Offering breakfast cereals, yoghurts, puddings, spreads, and nut milk there is plenty to choose from.

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Products such as activated nuts, garlic & jalapeño hummus, fig and goji berry granola, and probiotic yoghurt are sure to appeal to the health-conscious public in Queenstown.
Payment options are a bit awkward as they require an automatic payment from your bank for the service.

A shopping cart and payment processing system would go a long way towards simplifying the whole process. Update: the kitchen is currently closed but stay tuned for updates!

Organic Food Delivery

Organic Express (the largest online organic store in Otago) in Wanaka promises delivery of organic food within 3 days to any address in Queenstown. They sell everything from organic soaps, to bread to meat.

Well worth a look if you’re interested in organic, free-range, and healthy options.