Best Graphic Options Wizardy 8

Best graphic options wizardy 8

Best graphic options wizardy 8

This is the Wizardry 8 Reforged Mod v1.1 by Qusari. Posted December 27th, 2011.

Read me file for the Reforged Mod v1.1

For the Rapax Rift patch simply copy the files over the existing ones.

The 'NPC database fix' should fix the Umpani from turning hostile around their camp.

The Bone Mace's 'blunt wood hits flesh, sound file missing' crash to desktop patch.

The 'texture patch' fixes the error with the schwarzerschleimtröpfling.tga file.

The 'Knollenblaetterpilzgruen' patch fixes a texture issue with the Knollblatt mushroom.

A No-CD patch to play without the need to have the game DVD disk in the DVD drive.

NOTE: This version is adapted to work specifically with Qusari's Wizardry 8 Reforged mod.

(Thanks to townltu for the info).

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