Best Free Option For Office

Best free option for office

eM Client comes with a few different themes to help you customise how it looks, you can go for a clean, modern look, or even make it look like Outlook.

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If you’re handy with XML code, you can even make your own themes in eM Client’s advanced settings.

Beyond its good looks, eM Client has every feature you’d want from an email program. You can use all major email services, including Gmail, Exchange, iCloud and Importing your data and contacts is quick and easy, and it also has a fast and powerful search option.

eM Client has a calendar and contacts manager making it one of the best replacements for Outlook, and if you add a Gmail account, it’ll sync with your Google calendar and all your contacts.

The free version contains all the important features, but the paid-for ‘Pro’ edition lets you add more than two email accounts and gives you professional tech support.

Download eM Client here

Best free option for office