Best Fighter Options For Imperial Cutter

Best fighter options for imperial cutter

Best fighter options for imperial cutter

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You don't have to "A grade" Cutter to be best combat ship in game
Hi everyone!

First of all I want to say "Thanks god rank grinding is over!".
It was so borring and paintfull, but i got Imperial Cutter.

First thing i did of course is -
I jumped (32) times to Kamito to upgrade my "Porche" -
as good as i could because i had just a 600 Million credits for everything.
Then i did some combat and i was dissapointed a little...
My outfit was similar to my last ships (Federal Corvette) outfit -
and it performed quite poor in combat.
After that i did lots of combinations of different weapons and i found it!
I found my "Holy Grail".

It is a mix of A, B and D grades.


The Best Combat Ships in Elite: Dangerous (Top 5)

I decided to share my new and at this point last loadout of my combat Porche:

There you can see are 3 gimballed and 4 turreted weapons.
Coriolis does not tell you whitch is under ship or which on top so i tell you...

You need to have 2 turreted medium multi cannons on top (large hardpoints)
You need to have 2 turreted medium beam lasers on top of engines.
You need to have 2 gimballed medium multi canons in bottom of engines.
And you have to put one Large gimballed beam laser on ship bottom (huge hardpoint).

You have to put it right this because otherwise weapons won't fire efficiently.

Put yoursef A or B 8 batteries and go to combat, see for yourself..
This ship is amazing!!!

You can't touch it without hurting a lot yourself! ;)

Enjoy my loadout or leave any comment.
Have a nice combat!

Best fighter options for imperial cutter


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