Best Banking Options Credit Unions

Best banking options credit unions

Best banking options credit unions


Ranking of the 7 Best Banks & Credit Unions Philadelphia Has to Offer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was the site of one of the very first U.S.

banks, proposed by Alexander Hamilton and established in 1791.

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Money management at Philly banks has come a long way since that time, but there are certain things people still look for when choosing banks in Philadelphia.

Being trusted, having great customer service, and convenience are some of those key items people seek out when choosing a Philadelphia credit union or bank to trust with their money and lending needs.

So, for this top list, we’ve searched for the best credit unions in Philadelphia and the best banks Philadelphia has to offer to bring you some excellent options.

Award Emblem:  Best 7 Banks & Credit Unions in Philadelphia

Our ranking includes a mix of names you’ll recognize no matter where you’ve lived, like Bank of America Philadelphia.

There are also some community grown names, like Citizens Bank Philadelphia and Philadelphia Police and Fire Credit Union (PFFCU).

In our top list we’ve also included two credit unions and banks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that you might want to avoid until they make a few improvements.

So, let’s begin with some tips you’ll want to know if you choose a Philadelphia credit union instead of a bank, but first let’s go through our rating table.

Top 7 Best Banks & Credit Unions in Philadelphia (+ 2 to Avoid) | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Credit Unions & Best Banks in Philadelphia


Bank of America


Beneficial Bank


Philadelphia Federal Credit Union (PFCU)




American Heritage Credit Union


Citizens Bank


Police and Fire Federal Credit Union (PFFCU)




Viriva Community Credit Union


Table: Top 7 Philadelphia Credit Union & Bank Options (+2 to avoid) | Above list is sorted by rating

Banks & Credit Unions in Philadelphia FAQ | Know This When Looking for the Best Credit Union in Philadelphia

One thing that keeps people from considering the best credit union Philadelphia, Pennsylavania might have for banking is not knowing if they’re eligible for membership.

Banks VS Credit Unions

Many of the Philadelphia credit unions mention needing to be a member of “something.”

But, what you may not know is that in order to compete with Philly banks, credit unions have opened up membership to make it easier for more people to join.

For example, even if you’re not working for the police or fire department, you can still become a member of the Philadelphia Police and Fire Credit Union, by being a family member or being employed by one of multiple other types of companies that offer membership there.

What You Should Know About Any Best Credit Union in Philadelphia:

  • Membership eligibility might be easier than you think
  • Credit unions are not-for-profit institutions
  • You typically find lower rates for loans at credit unions
  • Even though credit unions in Philadelphia aren’t part of the FDIC, they have up to $250,000 deposit insurance through the National Credit Union Association

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Best banking options credit unions

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Banks & Credit Unions in Philadelphia (+ 2 to Avoid)

Below, please find a detailed review of each firm on our list of top Philadelphia credit unions & banks.

We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these best banks in Philadelphia, PA to score so highly in our selection ranking.

Click on any of the names below to go directly to the review section for that firm.

American Heritage Credit Union Review

Want a small town feel when you bank?

Then American Heritage Credit Union will be right up your alley.

Best banking options credit unions

This Philadelphia based credit union has 16 locations in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania County area, and 18 more in the surrounding counties.

This is the best credit union Philadelphia has to offer that boasts over 800 workplace partners and over 165,000 members. So you can be sure that there are plenty of membership eligibility options for banking here.