Best Austin Restaurants With Vegan Options

Best austin restaurants with vegan options

While Austin is often known as a barbecue city, vegans can still feel at home with the city’s strong base of meat-free restaurants.

Best austin restaurants with vegan options

There are plenty of soy proteins (hello, tofu and tempeh) and greens to go around, satisfying everyone’s plant-based food needs.

Here is Eater’s guide to the best vegan restaurants around in Austin.

Find hearty comfort food from Counter Culture, pairings at gastropub Beer Plant, vegan pizza from Li’l Nonna’s, and a famous burger at Arlo’s.

Best austin restaurants with vegan options

Since this is Austin, there are even a few barbecue options — including at Citizen Eatery and taco trailer Nissi. The latest update to this map includes cheese and wine shop Rebel Cheese and pizza trailer Possum Pizza.

For related options, there are the city’s best healthy restaurants, paleo-friendly spots, veggie burgers, and special diet-friendly bakeries (which includes vegan baked goods).

Is your favorite plant-based restaurant missing below?


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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.