2.3 Km Best Commute Options

2.3 km best commute options

2) Google maps estimates that this distance would take 2 hours to complete.

2.3 km best commute options

Would it be possible (depending on the bike and fitness) to do this distance in about an hour?

Given that most commutes have a number stops, to ride 35 km in an hour you would be having to be averaging speeds around 40 kph+ when moving (likely more depending on the length of stops). This could be done by a very fit rider, on a TT bike every so often.

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To do this level of effort consistently 2-3 times every week, week after week, into head winds and rain, while carrying a load (e.g., lunch and cloths) is incredibly doubtful.

If you can't spare more time, one option could be some of the high performance pedalec bikes. Some of very high-end ones these can sustain speeds of 45 kph and have ranges up to 80-100km.

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A few of these also do a good job matching your input power the profile so that you do not notice the assist (you just feel faster). Because you still have to work with a pedalec, it is still possible to get a good workout by modifying the level of assistance.

One additional considerations are your local laws.

For example, in Canada I believe pedalecs are legally limited to 32 kph.

2.3 km best commute options

So a 45 kph pedelecs may be illegal unless registered as a moped! Although there may be legal loop holes with how the bike provides assistance (i.e., no throttle). I am no lawyer, so take this caveat with a grain of salt.

2.3 km best commute options