Black People And Cryptocurrency

Black people and cryptocurrency

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin.

Black people and cryptocurrency

Unless you’ve been under a rock the last year, you’ve probably heard someone speaking about the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. You are probably wondering; what is Bitcoin? Why are people so excited about it?

Black people and cryptocurrency

Why are financial news channels like Bloomberg and CNBC adding it to their daily scheduled reporting? You probably also noticed there is a featured documentary on Netflix. If you are looking for answers to these questions, you will love this course.

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This course will teach you about the origins of Bitcoin. Why it exists, who created it and why you should look into it and other cryptocurrencies as a way to diversify your asset portfolio.

Over the last year, the cryptocurrency space is up over 1100%.

Black people and cryptocurrency

Some assets like Ethereum are up over 3100%. These gains have made many early adopters rich. Yet most people still don’t understand, how to even get started. If you are one of those people, this class is for you.

In 2013, I began telling all of my family and friends about Bitcoin, when the price was $136.


I learned everything I could about it, bought some coins and even began building my first Bitcoin product, the Pheeva Hot Wallet. I even gave away Bitcoin to my mother.

Black people and cryptocurrency

I knew that we were entering a new era. The same way the internet changed how we receive information, blockchains have and will change how we handle money. The future is here.

Black people and cryptocurrency

And we are just getting started.

What are the requirements?

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  • Have a computer with internet access
  • Have a bank account so that you can purchase Bitcoin
  • You may begin with as little or as much money as you want!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • An introduction to Bitcoin
  • Why Bitcoin?
  • An introduction to Alt coins
  • Learn how to get set up with Coinbase
  • How to convert between Bitcoin and other altcoins using the top Cryptocurrency Exchanges so you can buy and sell each day!
  • How to PROTECT your hard earned money.
  • How to research which cryptocurrencies are worth investing in
  • An Overview of tools (Wallets, exchanges, websites) to aid in continuing your crytpo education

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone seeking to learn how to invest in Cryptocurrency and doesn't know where to start
  • Anyone seeking to learn how to conduct research and what coins are valuable investments and which ones are not
  • Anyone who wants access to all the hottest news in cryptocurrency with on going course updates

Who is the target audience?

Are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies For Black People - Hot Take Hotline

  • Anyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency

Once you've completed the standard material with your program, you will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion as proof that you've finished the material in the program.